TOUCH: Excuse Me Miss…The Approach

27 Mar

Excuse Me Miss-The Approach

"The Male Target"

Have you ever seen a woman who you wanted to approach but you weren’t sure if the time was right, or you leaped in and approached a woman and got shut down and was curious as to why? Well you’re not alone, and quite frankly many men have been hung up on the issue. I took a poll from a group of women to find out when was the best and worst time to approach a woman, and the responses all seem to come back with a common denominator.

Out of a group of 30 women, 12 indicated that it was the wrong time approach a woman when she was with her boyfriend or any other male companion. Fellas, it’s never a good idea to approach a woman while she is with a male “friend”. First off, we live in crazy times and I am sure you have watched the news and seen how people get shot for many stupid reasons. No female is worth your life. Back off if she is with a male companion, and you never know it could be her brother, father, best friend or boyfriend, it’s just the wrong time.

Another common response was approaching a woman when she is by herself at the gas station. The gas station is stressful as it is with gas prices being 10 dollars a gallon; no one is ever in a good mood pumping gas. So unless you are willing to make her day by paying for her gas, let it go and keep pushin’. Approaching a woman when she is by herself in uncommon areas can make her feel intimidated by your presence. If she is alone at night leave it alone, you want to make her feel safe and comfortable with you.

Now that the main ones are out-of-the-way you need to keep in mind of the following: 

Time: You have to wait until the time is right to approach a woman. If she is on the phone, or in the middle of a conversation with someone jumping in and being rude is bad timing. Like in the game of basketball, you don’t want to run around throwing up shots every time you get close to the basket; you want to make sure all factors are in your favor.  It’s best to wait until she’s available.

 Place:You want to make sure that the place you approach a woman is appropriate, just always keep in mind her comfort. The place a man approaches a woman has always been up for discussion, the work place and church are at the top. In my opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with approaching in either cases, but it’s just about timing and how you go about it.

The most memorable time I have been approached by a man was while I was at work, and the man was delivering food to our office, work was slow and my coworkers and I were on a break. The gentleman came into my office and wouldn’t stop staring, my coworkers and boss had all noticed his attraction to me, I played nonchalant about it.  After he left, no more than 15 minutes he called into our office, spoke with my supervisor and asked for my name and asked if she could give me his number.

I was so embarrassed but equally intrigued by his efforts. We dated, for a little a while and are still friends to this day. The point of my story is, sometimes risky approaches are needed. Go after what you want, when you make an effort it makes a woman feel special, but just don’t get crazy with it. Now that I have told you what circumstances you should not approach a woman and how to pay attention to the times and place that it is appropriate to do so, just keep in mind the approach itself, you could have perfect timing but if your approach is off you may notice hers off as well.

By: Danielle White


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