Senses Lifestyle strives to breed an attitude of quality living to our generation by providing exquisite and intriguing literature and innovative, professional events to expose and enhance the five senses of the human body.

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For members of the press looking for more information regarding Senses Lifestyle, please contact:

Khorry Lewis
Director, Publicist

Joshua Thompson

Senses Lifestyle is a culture that grants you the ability to experience your human senses at an enhanced and enriched level. Each sense will be enticed, educated, and guided so that you may encounter a new level of understanding and definition to quality living that is personal and definable by you.

Senses Lifestyle Magazine will serve as your key to experience your senses at a level like no other. “Sight”, your guide to understanding fashion, decorum and affordability. “Touch”, your translator to the language of intimacy and etiquette. “Hearing” your ears to the music and rhythm of the age. “Smell”,your nose to the finest fragrances. “Taste”, your taste buds indulged to the finest of cuisines. Senses Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to breeding a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect. Based in Los Angeles, California, Senses Lifestyle Magazine launched in October 2010.

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