SIGHT: Picture Perfect!

27 Mar


 There are many ways in which a picture can be presented; mentally, physically, and spiritually. To Jamile Hamilton these pictures in her head paint the views of tomorrow.  Hamilton is an Inglewood, Ca native with talent in her veins that can sketch tomorrows past with timeless art.

Artist Jamile Hamilton

SL: When did you realize drawing was a passion?

“This question has a couple of answers. I first noticed I was even able to draw when I was 10. And, even though I enjoyed it, I didn’t realize it was my passion until a couple of years ago. Sometimes we’re all faced with exploring other opportunities for the sake of survival. But then I had a sense that something was missing after a while. I started creating again and my overall happiness increased. Everyone needs a creative outlet whether it be art, music, dance, whatever, just to maintain sanity, you know? Visual art just happens to be my outlet.”

SL :”Do” you critique other artists work?

“As much as I want to sometimes, I try not to. Especially with all the abstract artists out there, its easy to look at a piece and say ‘my 6 “year”-old niece could’ve done that’. But we don’t always know the significance the piece has to the artist, their process that created the piece and all that. Plus, I’m just not an abstract thinker. My pieces are more of what people call “academic”, basically you can look at it and easily tell what it is. But, you know, to each their own. I try not to discount anyone’s view of what art is supposed to be. But I will say that if a piece happens to be striking in my view, I take a minute to look closely at it and dissect it, making note of brush or pencil strokes, color choices, the artist’s choice of canvas. It makes living in Los Angeles great because of all the museums in the area, and I frequent them often just to study.”

"The Pharoah's Son"

SL: What are the basic steps into creating the perfect picture?

“It really all depends on the piece. Usually the hardest part is subject matter. Next I decide if I just want to sketch or if I want to paint. There’s also the question of materials – graphite, charcoal, conte crayon, watercolor, acrylic, etc. Then its just choosing appropriate music for my ipod and getting to work.”

SL: How long does an average piece take you to finish?

Again, it depends on the piece. I’ve finished a piece in as little as a couple of hours, another piece has taken as long as 3 months.

SL: What is your most memorable drawing and what inspired it?

“All of my pieces are memorable!  🙂
But, I actually have a couple of pieces that stand out in my memory. The first is a piece I did a few years ago of my sister during her last few weeks of pregnancy with my niece. There’s so much emotion in that piece, she looks both annoyed and tired with pillow, water bottle, and keys in hand. She was actually upset I drew it at first, but she admits that the picture helps her to remember how she was feeling on that day.”

"J Dilla"

“My other memorable piece is more recent, a four-foot wood stain piece I did of my best friend. This one is memorable because I’d experimented with wood stain in the past, but didn’t exactly get the results I wanted. This time around I did quite a bit of research beforehand about properties of different woods and stains, which materials worked best, how to get the richest color from the stain and all that. This piece was the one that encouraged me to move on to my ongoing STAIND collection that features people I admire, such as Malcolm X, Etta James, Miles Davis, and RZA

SL: Is there a difference between the art that you do and the art of a painter?

“That’s an interesting question, but since I also paint, I don’t think there’s a difference. More specifically speaking, the only difference between drawing, illustration, painting, sculpture, photography, and other forms of visual art are the materials the artist chooses. Other than that, all forms of visual art are one and the same in my opinion.”

SL: What is the average price range your work can be purchased for?

“It’s hard to tell because a sketch done on letter-sized drawing paper would fetch a much different price than a four-foot painting. On average, anyone can purchase a great piece for about $600, each of which are archival quality and come with an authenticity certificate.”

Interview by: Khorry Lewis

For more information on Jamile Hamilton visit:



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