The “Common” Sense: Yo Mama

9 Dec

The Common Sense: Yo Mama

Nowadays humor no longer exists, and if it does people are very subtle with showing it. A sense of humor is something everyone has but very few know actually know the meaning of. According to Webster humor means a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement. Humor varies from person to person and situation to event. Humor is one thing that can break tension well from a tense situation. Depending on how a person was raised explains their standard on what is humorous. Whether it’s a lighthearted joke to a crying your eyes out of stomach pain laughter.

Humor is never predictable but it’s something that everyone should be familiar with. Humor in all areas of life is nice to have. Every person should be able to laugh at them-self. Most importantly a person with a sense of humor is a person that isn’t afraid of being them-self. A funny person is a person that enjoys life for what it is. Although there is a time and place for jokes, people seem to forget when to crack a joke and when to keep their mouth shut. Occasions such as funerals, life threatening illnesses, and sometimes crimes are not things to be joked about. While jokes on a comedic situations is different.

The infamous “yo mama” jokes are timeless and as the years go on the “mama jokes” keep getting funnier. But don’t make a joke about someone’s death while his or her significant other is standing right there! That’s not right, and that’s unemotional, the two things that humor can never be okay with. The most important foundation of having a sense of humor is not taking offense to anything. It’s all in good fun, and the best gift in life is laughing things off and not worrying over it.


It can be debated if humor makes the world go round but there’s a song with lyrics that go like “put a smile on your face, makes the world a better place.” Having a sense of humor has no age limit on it. So the next time you hear some good jokes don’t feel shy about busting out a loud laugh. Everyone is appointed to be happy in life and with a sense of humor true happiness will always prevail over anything else.

By: Taelor Cage

2 Responses to “The “Common” Sense: Yo Mama”

  1. shimaree85 December 13, 2011 at 6:21 am #

    This is so true… seems as though a mass majority of people are afraid of being their true self due to thinking of how others will percieve them. Which could explain why humor doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Much needed artical; sometimes its the little things such as humor that we forget about in the society today. Love it.


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