Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

3 Feb

Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

A first date can tell a great deal about whom a person is. From the outfit they wear, to the conversation they prefer to share. A person’s first date is their prime opportunity to make a distinct and extraordinary first impression with someone they have never met before in a specific setting.  Naturally first timers on the dating scene have the jitter bugs, and no matter how many dates a person has delved in, even for the individual with the most so-called ‘swag’, the first one for the most part usually starts with a bit of apprehension and tense predispositions. However, it’s always good for men to know a little bit about the woman they’re interested in before deciding to engage in a. But what if you are completely clueless on what drink to order when the opportunity presents itself to put that knowledge to work? Many men don’t know what to order for women when going out on a date, simply because they haven’t become familiar with that individual’s taste palette.

Social research has shown that 85% of communication between individuals is actually non-verbal. That being said, there is an underlying communication through taste itself. If the tension is a tad thick, a lady may choose to loosen up and desire a drink to relax her. If she happens to fancy hard liquor outside of wine, it’s a plus to know what alcohol, flavors, and mixers she may want. Based off of my own experience while on a first date the top three drinks I recommend were Cosmopolitans, Martinis, and Mojitos. They come in a variety of different flavors and the taste never leaves your mouth with a bad savor.


One beneficial method a man can utilize on occasion is to guess what kind of drink a woman enjoys by simply asking what types of drink she hates. In particular on a first date, a woman will want something presentable that looks delectable to the eye and even more amazing in taste. Cosmos are a great first starter due to the myriad of Vodkas available and their perfect infusion with cranberry, lime, orange juice, and other mixers. With so many choices this drink of choice can sometimes be sweet and simultaneously spicy in cost, but they will often times never have you sloppy drunk as long as you know your limits of course.


It’s very rare a woman wants to a drink that’s tough to take. After all it’s not lady like to make sour faces to a person you barley even know. As for the Martini, it too comes in a variety of flavors, but can include a little strength and bitterness to the tongue depending on the requested presentation. Whether she likes the bold taste of gin and vermouth shaken or stirred, it’s a drink best sipped in moderation.


Lastly the exotic Mojito; a subtle calm drink with a delightful garnish of fresh mint also has its unique style. One very important tip to keep in mind when drinking a Mojito with mint leaves is to drink from the straw so that no leaves get stuck in between your teeth. Not the best thing to see when you happen to glance in the other person’s mouth. Again, the first impression on a date is usually a long lasting one, so why leave a notion with someone that’s not worth remembering. Paying attention to what a ladies preferences and deciphering her taste show a man’s vested interest in what she likes. It keeps the atmosphere live and curtails boredom with creativity that both can enjoy. Remember to always drink responsibly and if you hit it off the first night, but have too many, responsible daters don’t drink and drive.

By: Taelor Cage


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