SENSES Lifestyle: Fresh New Voices

9 Dec

Welcome to the newest addition of Senses Lifestyle dubbed Fresh New Voices. Each month we will feature poetic pieces and innovative spoken word from new artists that are sure to educate, empower, move, and inspire you mentally and spiritually. This month we feature Alexia Tatiana; a student at California State University, Northridge and emerging poet with her poem entitled “Always Knew…”

“Always Knew”

In your heart from the start we always knew what it was

Match made in heaven but, it wasn’t meant for earth

It wasn’t meant for me

Lie with me at night but,

Don’t lie to my heart

That’s what you did

That’s what you did from the start

I screamed out save him

But I guess my angels didn’t hear me

I guess my angels didn’t feel me

Couldn’t bear to see me cry anymore

It hurts to know the person who makes you feel special today

Can make you feel so unwanted tomorrow

It’s hard to keep the thought of us falling in love, a thought

My hearts fallen so much

It can barely withdrawal

From the pain

That he brings to her

Every song on the radio

It sings to her

But that’s her man

But she can’t stand on her own two feet when she’s with him

He lingers in her mind

She’s losing him and she just doesn’t know why

She’s losing him and he’s not fighting for her why?

Cry and complain

But it just won’t change

The hurt and the pain

Let go but I find myself playing the same old game

Writing the same old poems

Saying the same old thing

Cause I can give you what you want

But she will give you what you need

This relationships the dark

And she’s the light you need

This relationship is dark

And we just can’t see

Let you go… I will

But you will always forever be everything to me

Cause your something that matters I won’t let you lose something that does

In your heart from the start we always knew what it was

By: Alexia Tatiana


2 Responses to “SENSES Lifestyle: Fresh New Voices”

  1. tia January 7, 2012 at 9:53 am #

    I’m loving this poem. Being able to realize that a relationship is not for you and being willing to respect and love your signigicant other enough to “let it go” takes a lot of strength.


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