SMELL: I May Not Have A Milli, But I Smell Like It…

10 Jan

I May Not Have A Milli, But I Smell Like It

Ladies and Gentlemen, now that you have successfully transitioned yourself into the new year, you undoubtedly are analyzing how to matriculate your individual lifestyle from what it was in 2011 to an entirely new plateau in 2012. Hopefully you’ve begun to train, culture, and adapt your sense of smell within the vast world of fragrance. With this, your personal day-to-day preference of smell all the way to your favorite fragrance to wear on your late Saturday nights should be in a sound rotation.

Being that it is now a new year, I offer you one of my latest additions to my list of fragrances that is sure to elevate your desire of quality within your sense of smell and serve as a more than luxurious addition to your collection without you yourself having or needing to be living a life of luxury. My newest addition is the Paco Rabanne “1Million” cologne. This sleek, and charming fragrance is a great option for when you step out on the weekend and you want to switch up your preference from what you generally apply to your neck. The harmonious combination of rose, white wood, amber, grapefruit, and Indonesian patchouli among other select essences invokes sensuality, class, and a savoir-faire rapport.  And the best thing about this fragrance is that it is available for about $75 at your local Macy’s for men and for the women in the form of the Lady Million perfume.

So while you may not ever own a personal gold bar, you can most certainly acquire this gold fragrance that is sure to have you smelling wealthy, cultured, and refined.

Let quality be yours to define…,

By: J. Thompson


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