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Hear: Vinyl Junkie; The Addiction of Vintage Sound

3 Feb

Hear: Vinyl Junkie; The Addiction of Vintage Sound


Music is one of the purest forms of therapy known to man; it releases energy inside of us that can be seen as positive expressions into a euphoric and nostalgic time zone. Not only does music take us back to any time period (past or present), but it also makes the good and talented artists we reverence stay relevant in our ears.

IMG_5959In my recent endeavors I began collecting vinyl records as a pastime now turned into an everyday hobby. The sound vinyl records bring to the soul is incomparable to those of any other sort. For music junkies who collect vinyl’s and dig through crates at record stores know the feeling they once had when pealing the package off of a CD and playing the album for the first time. That same feeling is slowly dying now that we are living in a digital age where our musical culture and practices are dictated through instant download. Vinyl’s are truly the last of a dying breed with only a few record shops in a handful of cities to sell records from independent distributors.  Many distributors set up monthly events catering to the sporadic vestige “Crate Diggers”, so they can buy and swap records amongst each other. The art of the trade of the vinyl discus is nothing short of incomparable.  The crate diggers scene is considered an underground world for those who truly appreciate the actually sound of music.

Walking into a record store and seeing the many options of old school to new school records is a euphoric feeling in itself, and knowing that copies have been used and heard for generations brings a vintage feeling to each purchase. Vinyl records are the only form of music reproduction that is still being used since the 1920’s. Although the vinyl record began to fade during the late 80’s to early 90’s, it regained it’s popularity in 2008 with nearly 2.9 million units shipped; the most in any year since 1998. As of 2013 the vinyl record is still being used, distributed and collected. The sound and essence of vinyl will never fade away like the artists of its time.


MORE MUSIC LOVERS…less music artists!

This website will be your guide to every record shop in Southern California: http://recordcollectornews.com/

By: Khorry Lewis

Photos By: Lashaun Burnett