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TASTE: Over Indulging Or Just Improvising

4 Dec

TASTE: Over Indulging or Just Improvising? The Dark Side of Taste

For people who are addicted to certain vices such as drugs, sex or alcohol there are typically meetings in which people who have addictions can attend and seek the help they need. The 12 step programs, sharing circles and accountability buddies are all within the nomenclature for the individual with an excessive habit they need restrained. But what if your problem isn’t big enough to seek help for? Many people know when too much of something good is enough while others indulge a bit too much. So is it true that too much of a good thing can harm you?


An exacerbated indulgence of any of the aforementioned categories can leave a person with an unwavering co-dependence and even transpire into an ultimately death. The number one cause of people over indulging in something is caused by stress. We as humans tend to stress and spread ourselves thin and so we find ways to cope with the stress instead of ending whatever is that is causing us to stress out. A significant amount of people eat or have sex unconsciously when problems occur in their lives. To gather clarity on this phenomenon I asked a few people their opinions regarding food and sex and if they utilized either of the two as their outlet from their everyday obstacles.


The majority of women I asked said that food is something they do find comfort in as their method of alleviating anxiety and/or stress. One woman who spoke with me specifically explained that she finds herself overeating when she arrives at her ‘time of the month’. We as women know when Mother Nature arrives on scene, so do the inevitable symptoms including food cravings, anxiety, and irritability amidst many more. In addition to this, the bulk of men said they do find sex as their respective outlet however, they find it not as dangerous to find that same outlet in food.  A man whose identity prefers to be anonymous said that when he finds himself stressed his first choice of outlet is sex. Both of these do something that eases that small part of our soul, which at times almost feels impossible to complete.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you see yourself personally struggling with either of these two that there are alternatives to curving those desires. It is essential to realize that our mind controls the body. When we see food, smell food or think about sex that our minds develop a focus on just that and tell us that we are in need of that thing. We have to be able to distinguish our needs from our wants and take a moment to exercise patience and evaluate just what the result of our actions will give us, an ephemeral benefit, or long lasting hardship.

Written By: Taelor Cage

Edited By: J. Thompson


S_L Recipes: Get In The Game With BlkHrt Affair: Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

4 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…so let’s eat like it! Whether it is so wonderful because of the holidays with gift giving and family time or the great cluster of sports that are in season this time of year the NFL Playoffs and the NBA season both provide the time and place for kicking back under the 62 inch plasma with your favorite eats. What guy couldn’t ask for more than that? No matter if you’re a fan of the turf or the hardwood, it is a great opportunity to get in the kitchen and try out some new dishes on your family and friends. In lieu of this grand time of year, we are presenting a great treat for any occasion that all are sure to enjoy. Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings are a great appetizer that can compliment most dishes as well as a great snack to eat during the game. These wings are robust with a flavorful taste that will pleasure every palette.

Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

photo 3

Savory, sweet, and sticky these wings will be a sure fire starter at any holiday gathering.

Disclaimer: Don’t be scared of messing up! Everything you make should be a reflection of you, so do what feels right, I promise it will be great!

Part 1

1 bag of frozen party wings(fully defrosted!)

Creole Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Dried Thyme

2 Tablespoons salt

Half a Lemon

¼ Cup Olive Oil

¼ Cup Whiskey (My favorite is Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey)

-Place wings in bowl sprinkle generously with creole seasoning, thyme and garlic powder (when you think you have added enough add a pinch more), add salt, half a lemon, olive oil and whiskey.

-Let marinate as long as possible, if less then three hours leave out of fridge (more flavor seeps in this way). If more then three hours leave in fridge (if left over four hours chicken can become infected with bacteria)

Part 2

Heat Oven to 425 Degrees Farenheit

½ C Corn Starch

½ C Whiskey

¾ C Maple Syrup

½ C Butter

2 Tablespoons Ketchup

Fresh Thyme plucked off stem

-Coat wings with cornstarch. (they should not be dusty, the marinade and cornstarch should make like a paste) Place wings on am aluminium foil lined pan and throw in oven

-While wings are cooking combine whiskey, maple syrup, butter, and ketchup in a sauce pan. Heat until it becomes thick and syrupy.

-After twenty minutes take wings out and brush with sauce, put back in oven an additional 15-20 minutes until wings are cooked to sweet sticky perfection. Sprinkle with plucked thyme.

Recipe Contributed by Brian Bamuhaira from BlkHrt Affair Catering

Edited By: J. Thompson