SIGHT: Staying Warm This Holiday Season!

4 Dec


When it comes to Christmas and holiday parties, we always think of that one person who has worn the horrible holiday sweater, and you may think to yourself that they are just trying to stay warm as you giggle quietly. Here is the tip, a sweater is our best friend during the holiday and winter season. I only say this because they come in so many different styles, colors and textures to fit our personal swag along with keeping us warm. Here are some pretty nifty sweaters and different styles to add to your “Bill Cosby repertoire”.

The V-Neck Sweater
: This sweater holds the purpose for business and play, meaning it can be worn in a business casual working environment, along with being a vital piece of your everyday fashion. The V- Neck serves as the go-to for sweater etiquette.

The Jumper Cardigan
: Adding a little bit of extra warmth and style to a once plain and simple button down sweater, the jumper cardigan can be seen as the European sweater of choice. Made to fit the tone of the body and built to last. Personally I find the Jumper cardigan to be the most effective in style and keeping you comfortable.

The Classic Cardigan
: And then we have the classic cardigan. We were introduced to this through weekday mornings with Mr. Rogers. This sweater serves as the classic look that can be dressed up or down. The cardigan can be worn with a button up dress shirt or a t-shirt or even with a v-neck underneath. Its sole purpose is comfort not necessarily for warmth.


The Double-Breasted Cardigan: Now this sweater has the asset of warmth and style, being that the cut is double breasted, meaning the buttons overlap. It has the option of being worn to stay warm. Similar to the classic cardigan this can be worn dressed up or down.

Written By: Khorry Lewis


HEAR: Daley, The British Heart Throb

4 Dec

HEAR: Daley, The British Heart Throb

By: Khorry Lewis


 Gareth Daley, but known simply as Daley to the music world, is a British singer and songwriter from Manchester, England. Daley is signed to Universal Republic Records and is considered one of the new up and coming soulful artists to watch for. Daley’s style is a conglomeration of acoustic soul & hip hop that can be felt through his melodic, and almost  pained voice that accentuates the  smooth artistry of his songs.  Coming off of a fan favorite mixtape, Those Who Wait’ Daley is back again with another soul pleaser, Alone Together’ which he released in November of 2012. This new 6 track EP will definitely leave your ears in a state of longing. With singles “Remember Me” featuring Jessie J and “Alone Together” featuring R&B artist Marsha Ambrosius, Daley is guaranteed to set the ideal mood.

Track List

1.     Alone Together

2.     Blame The World

3.     Game Over

4.     Remember Me

5.     Those Who Wait

6.     Love Is a Losing Game (Acoustic)

SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer

4 Dec

SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer


Sometimes what’s found in the stocking over the mantle brings more pleasure than the exquisitely wrapped gift under the tree. If you want to make a provocative statement to your father, son, or any other male family member, give them a surprise they’ll appreciate and one that will incite bold expression and confidence. Bleu De Chanel cologne will certainly go over and beyond getting the job done. Released in 2010, this fragrance with its exotic combination of woods, citrus, pink pepper, and other elements allow the gentleman to make a subtle, yet sensual and extraordinary impression on the senses. For the man that has grown his winter goatee and wishes to clean his crop when spring arrives next year, the after shave lotion is indeed a viable alternative or addition to his grooming needs. A gift such as this can be an unexpected and essential attribute to his collection that will have him smelling right for the new year.

Written By: J.Thompson

S_L Recipes: Get In The Game With BlkHrt Affair: Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

4 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…so let’s eat like it! Whether it is so wonderful because of the holidays with gift giving and family time or the great cluster of sports that are in season this time of year the NFL Playoffs and the NBA season both provide the time and place for kicking back under the 62 inch plasma with your favorite eats. What guy couldn’t ask for more than that? No matter if you’re a fan of the turf or the hardwood, it is a great opportunity to get in the kitchen and try out some new dishes on your family and friends. In lieu of this grand time of year, we are presenting a great treat for any occasion that all are sure to enjoy. Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings are a great appetizer that can compliment most dishes as well as a great snack to eat during the game. These wings are robust with a flavorful taste that will pleasure every palette.

Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

photo 3

Savory, sweet, and sticky these wings will be a sure fire starter at any holiday gathering.

Disclaimer: Don’t be scared of messing up! Everything you make should be a reflection of you, so do what feels right, I promise it will be great!

Part 1

1 bag of frozen party wings(fully defrosted!)

Creole Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Dried Thyme

2 Tablespoons salt

Half a Lemon

¼ Cup Olive Oil

¼ Cup Whiskey (My favorite is Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey)

-Place wings in bowl sprinkle generously with creole seasoning, thyme and garlic powder (when you think you have added enough add a pinch more), add salt, half a lemon, olive oil and whiskey.

-Let marinate as long as possible, if less then three hours leave out of fridge (more flavor seeps in this way). If more then three hours leave in fridge (if left over four hours chicken can become infected with bacteria)

Part 2

Heat Oven to 425 Degrees Farenheit

½ C Corn Starch

½ C Whiskey

¾ C Maple Syrup

½ C Butter

2 Tablespoons Ketchup

Fresh Thyme plucked off stem

-Coat wings with cornstarch. (they should not be dusty, the marinade and cornstarch should make like a paste) Place wings on am aluminium foil lined pan and throw in oven

-While wings are cooking combine whiskey, maple syrup, butter, and ketchup in a sauce pan. Heat until it becomes thick and syrupy.

-After twenty minutes take wings out and brush with sauce, put back in oven an additional 15-20 minutes until wings are cooked to sweet sticky perfection. Sprinkle with plucked thyme.

Recipe Contributed by Brian Bamuhaira from BlkHrt Affair Catering

Edited By: J. Thompson

The 6th Sense Of Quality: James B. Golden

4 Dec


It was an honor to share time with in my view one of the finest and sharp, sophisticated minds to ever set foot on the campus of California State University, Northridge; James B. Golden. I met him following a celebratory gala in honor of another year of cultural progress and education for the Pan-African Studies department at Cal State Northridge. Sitting in my seat, I along with student leaders and alumni gave deference to this extraordinary writer as he shared his stories of personal development, success, and his views on Black culture in the media through his poetic excerpts. His vernacular and prose is a rare find, he speaks truth to power and that power into contemporary issues and music.

A native of Salinas, California, James B. Golden is a poet, intellectual, and literary musician that is known throughout the literary and music world. He is the author of three books: Sweet Potato Pie Underneath The Sun’s Broiler (2009), Afro Clouds & Nappy Rain (2011), and his newest work; The Inside Of An Orange (2012) Mr. Golden received the 2012 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Poetry, for Afro Clouds & Nappy Rain. As an emerging student and writer he developed his skills earning earning his M.P.A. and a B.A. in English-Creative Writing, and Pan African Studies Arts & Literature from California State University, Northridge.

For the past decade, he has received notoriety for his writings in publications sch as VIBE, Los Angeles Our Weekly, Clutch Magazine, and Jazz Times Magazine. He is also an accredited editor over several academic journals including the CSUN Pan-African Studies Kapu-Sens Literary Journal and the National Hip Hop Think Tank. Golden has been invited around the nation to speak at various conferences on Hip Hop, Gender Relations, Black-Male-Feminism, and Cultural Medias. I sat down with him to discuss his third book The Inside of An Orange and his upcoming promotional tour.

Tell me briefly about your learning experiences as a young poet at CSUN?

“The English and Pan-African Studies duality through my majors really helped me. Familiarizing myself with the voices of the formal poets and the Black poets. It was great for getting a dual understanding of Black poets and their writings at large.”

Your most recent composition pays homage to many musical patriarchs. Which musical artist is your favorite?

“Whitney Houston for certain. She is the closest thing we’ve ever had to a perfect voice. Definitely Whitney, and I also like Stevie Wonder, and Prince.”

What is your opinion on today’s musical generation? Is the culture progressing or regressing?

“There is a lot to be said for artists and musical genres evolving. To see R&B move from the number one spot to the back burner is a culture shock. For the most part, I am okay with the evolution, but for me it is more about the changing structure of the industry.”

How would you describe your prose as a writer?

“I think that even my articles, poems, and short stories all have the same tone. I’m a very direct writer. Whether I’m doing it about rape or passing gas there is always some sort of inspiration involved. It’s heavy at times, I believe our generation needs people that can eloquently speak and inspire change.”

What is your personal advice to young writers searching for their own style and voice?

“Your voice comes naturally, before finding your voice you must write. Write every single day.”

What is your creative process like when writing a new poem?

“For Afro Clouds and Nappy Rain it was a very depressing process. With The Inside Of An Orange it was a more enjoyable process. I write most of my poems at night. When Whitney died, I listened to all these songs that she made, and I found a way to write about her.”

You won the 2012 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work for Afro Clouds & Nappy Rain what do you hope to gain from your newest product?

“What I really hope to gain is the opportunity to share my work with as many people as possible and let kids of color know literacy is important. It’s important to talk about the situations that affect our communities and speak truth to power.”

How did you correlate the title The Inside of An Orange to the content of your book?

“Before I finished the book I had a few personal read throughs. When I got to the second to the last poem, it was everything that I wanted. “The inside of an orange is sweeter than anything known”. In a sense we are all like oranges with a tough exterior, but a sweet, and decadent center.”

How much do you hear from your readers? Any constant themes within their feedback?

“I get a lot of emails from readers and notes on my fan page. Whenever I go on tour I get a lot of cards from younger audience members.”

How do you feel about the re-election of Barack Obama?

“I was overcome with gladness above all. For me just being able to vote for someone who thinks similar to me and shares my community views is a major inspiration.”

Tell me about The Golden Machine Blog?

“I’ve been running the Golden Machine Blog for awhile. It’s a place for me to share developments in my career things within my life.”

Where are some of your destinations for The Orange

“I have a few dates spanning around the country. I’m anxious about it. I always perform at high schools, middle schools, and universities. I’m debuting at the Historical Steinbeck Library on November 29th, that’s the kickoff. I’m really looking forward to going to Atlanta again, it’s one of my favorite places. I’ll be in Sherman Oaks in January, and during Black History Month I spend the most time in LA.”

What is a sense that you cannot live without?

“I think that it would be sight. It takes someone special to really look at what is going on within the community. I look at Stevie Wonder and he mentioned to me that he can see, and that deep understanding resonated with me to this day.”

To find more information on James B. Golden visit:


Written By: Joshua Thompson

Fashion Spotlight: 2wenty5eight

4 Dec


Whenever the holiday season comes full circle I always enjoy searching for a new, creative product to add to my closet. It brings even more satisfaction to me when I can acquire clothing where the innovative design is synonymous with my personality. 2wenty5eight clothing is no exception to the rule with its urban wear that brings an aesthetic of ambition, vision, and professionalism that stands as the sinew of the brand. It was a beautiful day  in the Los Angeles Arts District with my good friends Brian Bamuhaira and Kenny Oden who are the masterminds of the company. We shared laughs with the models, conversed about the Lakers, and did the best we could in the midst of transition to avoid the abnormal November heat while the sun set on First Street.

photo 3

2wenty5eight….a work ethic, a lifestyle, a culture that speaks for itself.

25.8+Downtown+2012+%28182+of+257-2240762765-O copy

What does 2wenty5eight stand for?

“2wenty5eight is a brand characterized by an affirmation of unwavering efficiency. We are about yielding positive results through effective time management while maximizing productivity and fostering creativity to catch our dreams. Our lifestyle is to simply FIND the extra hour & CREATE the extra day. It is not only a brand but a lifestyle that fosters the belief in working efficiently to find that extra hour’s worth of work that produces an additional day of time in your week. We are in a sense, perfectionists, time managers, economists, activists, organizers, leaders,and vanguards of success. We pay attention to the countless unseen details because we know that is what makes the difference between mediocrity and magnificent. Those who live by this lifestyle are the vanguards of success and self fulfillment, living their lives to their fullest potential.”
photo 1.PNG

Who is your audience?

“We represent a generation of dreamers. Gone are the dull and vapid days of 24/7. This new generation of dreams works far beyond the extent of the clock. The world never stops and neither do we. 2wenty5eight is a brand that encourages us to work towards catching our dreams and making them reality, yet we know how to balance our lives effectively, integrating our professional, social, and moral responsibilities into a grandeur lifestyle. “

25.8+Downtown+2012+%28373+of+356-2240816409-O copy

What products does your brand provide?

“The clothing in itself is a bold expression of the fashion lifestyle and culture. From soft cotton t-Shirts to racer back tank tops, from snap back hats to tri-blend crewneck sweaters and zip up hoodies. Both the crew neck sweaters and zip up hoodies each come with embroidered cross-stitching across the back with either words; Ambitious or Victorious. In the jungle of life we are bombarded with many obstacles in our pursuits of success, however, the individual must remain “ambitious” in order to be “victorious”. A simple equation to reach your dreams. As a result of the ambitious work ethic, victory is almost always inevitable. These are the themes of our dual sets of  products to show that 2wenty5eight has a piece for everyone to express themselves.”
1_IMG959557 copy

Do you have any new designs in the works?

“Coming soon are the “Mind in One Place, Heart in Another” design and the “Victory State” Collection with dual mascots. Be ready to choose your crew.”
“Wear it. Live it. Love. Find & Create….2wenty5eight.”
_MG_8503 - Version 3 copy

The Creed of 2wenty5Eight

In a time of war plagued by complacency and mediocrity, it seems that father time reigns victorious.

Through the hindrance of his pursuit of dreams and aspirations, he extinguishes the flame that ignites the inner soul.

Countless casualties have fallen victim to this historical tyrant.

Yet, there remains tales of mere mortals tapping into vitalities so divine, they rise above the pandemonium forever stamping their mark on history.

The creed of 2wenty5Eight is audacious! Its essence flares during the brightest of days.

Its remnants so powerful, it stains the present, leaving a mark so profound it bleeds through the woven tapestry we call time.

Its bi-product raises the bar everywhere. The aftermath resonates long after the physical and those that triumph creates a space of limitlessness.

Here! Regularities are cheap trinkets of the past. The days are conquered the hours are powerless and the seconds scream for mercy!

Heroes create the extra hour, and the Extra Day!

25.8+Downtown+2012+%28279+of+356-2240788409-O copy


Follow 2wenty5eight On Twitter: @2wenty5eight

Photography: R. See Photography

R.C., also known as “R.See” is not your typical photographer. He has a unique one-of-a-kind approach that captures extraordinary moments that the average person would probably never notice. Although he specializes in shooting families and weddings, we felt that his style and story fits into the 2wenty5eight lifestyle. Be sure to checkout more of this work and others at


Additional Photography: Nick Palmer (X Fortress Photography)

Overview: Provided by Brian D. of 2wenty5eight

Edited By: J. Thompson

2012 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball Video Highlights!

11 Nov

Gentlemen Republic

in association with

RoyalDynamite | WeFunctionLA | GoodDayEntertainment | EthnoNightLife | MissDunnieO

Sponsored by Courvoisier Gold


3rd Annual Halloween Masquerade Ball: Unveiling Hidden Truths Highlight Reel!

This social affair was presented to increase awareness as well as to help raise funds for research into the cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivors and cure of the disease that plagues so many women- Breast Cancer; specifically Triple Negative Breast Cancer. This annual event is orchestrated to bring together professionals, graduates, and scholars  who support Breast Cancer Awareness and desire the finest in social stimulation and networking.T

This year was a special undertaking as the festivities were sponsored by the newest addition to the Courvoisier collection; Courvoisier Gold along with Courvoisier Rose and Courvoisier C. Guests in attendance were able to thoroughly enjoy an evening of social celebration and liberal tasting of these smooth and full-bodied premium cognacs at their leisure. The atmosphere was set by the sounds of the up and coming R&B Jazz group Dyles Mavis and our host, the incomparable Leo Breckenridge.

Although you may have missed the festivities, we don’t want you to miss the purpose and message that motivated this event, below are just a few pertinent facts about Breast Cancer and the significance and mission of Triple Step Towards The Cure:


Triple Negative Breast Cancer is a negative subtype of breast cancer that lacks three important receptors known as estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) and Human Epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). Testing negative to all three of these hormone receptors means the cancer is triple negative and will not respond to hormone treatments, thus making chemotherapy, radiation and surgery the only current options for treatment.

Triple Step Toward the Cure® is an nonprofit organization composed of close knit group of supporters, breast cancer survivors, family members, medical professionals, and educators, that focuses primarily on prompting awareness of the lesser known Triple Negative breast cancer (TNBC).  This form of cancer disproportionately targets young women between the ages of 30-45, often in the minority community. Their mission is to fight triple negative breast cancer by:

EDUCATING the public about triple negative breast cancer and supporting efforts to discover the cause of the disease, viable treatment options, and a cure;

ENCOURAGING women diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer as they battle the disease by providing emotional and financial support; and

EMPOWERING women at risk for the disease in under-served communities to be proactive and make informed decisions to ensure optimal health and wellness.

For more information please visit

A Very Special Thanks To Courvoisier Gold for its generous sponsorship to Gentlemen Republic to make this affair a success. Thank You to Ethno Nightlife for the Quality cinematography for this event as well!

An additional thanks to the promotional partners and talent:

RoyalDynamite (@royaldynamite)

WeFunctionLA (@WeFunctionLA)


EthnoNightLife (@ethnonightlife)

MissDunnieO (@missdunnieo)

Dyles Mavis (@dylesmavis)

And Thank You To All Who Attended, We Will See You Next Year!

SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: November 2012 Issue

2 Nov

Ladies & Gentlemen! SENSES Lifestyle Magazine is proud to present for your viewing pleasure another tasteful and engaging edition for the month of November. As we transition into the festive holiday season for Thanksgiving you’ll find in this issue that the familiar sense of TASTE is most certainly the forerunner this month. Take a look at “Pleasant Face With An Amazing Taste, ” our writer Taelor Cage offers insightful and useful information for shoppers looking to accentuate their holiday feasts with wine that is not only appeasing, but economically friendly as well. Just read our spotlight article for the 6th Sense of Quality on BkHrt Affair Catering and their variety of innovative dishes for their ideal Thanksgiving, the pictures alone will make you wish you had a fork and knive next to you. You’ll find not only the theme of culinary delights present in this issue, but our writers have also provided stylish and intellectual food for thought. Danielle White communicates a pathway through “Cuffing Season 101” for the season that produces a myriad of intimate relationships. Khorry Lewis; Senses Lifestyle Director, offers his review on the highly-anticipated album good kid, m.A.A.d city from LA Hip-Hop artist, Kendrick Lamar, so if you’re a K-Dot fan you definitely want to take a look and offer your feedback on this great production. For those of you planning your end of the year vacation plans, our newest addition to the Writing Staff this month, Lanre Akinsiku offers his perspective of the mindset of the everyday traveler in “Passport: Memoirs Of A Traveling Man”. Be sure to view our bonus content featuring the powerhouse clothing line Royal Dynamite, our experience with author of WTF Moment, Bolaji Qudus, and the executive review of the official sponsor of the Gentlemen Republic 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball this October, Courvoisier Gold. This issue not only represents the culmination and relevance of quality taste in food and libations, but the reverence for this special time of year where the rewards of just living and enjoying it mean the most.

– Joshua Thompson, Editor-In-Chief

– Khorry Lewis, Director

“SENSES Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”


A Quality Moment With The Editor

TASTE: Pleasant Face With An Amazing Taste

TOUCH: Cuffing Season 101

SIGHT: Top 10 Stylish Professional Athletes

HEAR: Kendrick Lamar Album Review: good kid, m.A.A.d city

SMELL: The Power Of The Scented Wax

Tips From A Gentleman: 1st Date Rules

PASSPORT: Memoirs Of A Traveling Man

6th Sense Of Quality: BlkHrt Affair Catering


The 3rd Annual Gentlemen Republic Masquerade Ball Highlights!



A Quality Moment With The Editor

2 Nov

“Confidence, Class, Commitment are the Markings of Success”


This past week, I had the pleasure of hosting the first installment of what I hope to be many sessions of  what I would call my brainchild, The Y.T.G, “Young, True Gentleman” Collegiate Workshop at California State University, Northridge. In this workshop I shared with those in attendance my perspective on the evolution of the quintessential gentleman and his impact in today’s society. Understanding the necessity of understanding proper decorum to professionalism in the workplace and useful self-marketing techniques are only a fraction of the elements that are utilized by the contemporary gentleman today. And a gentleman who is true to himself as an individual and his occupation is cognoscente of this in his daily life. While this workshop was promoted for young males, a number of female students also came to partake in the distribution of intellectual wealth that evening.

If there is anything I have observed in this final episode of my undergraduate career it is that life is hitting more individuals than individuals are hitting life. Why is this? Is it because we have become conditioned to believe that our degrees will be our instant ticket to obtaining status, a high-end job, and overall sustainability? Most certainly, our conferred degrees are essential into ENTERING into the population of our respective, competitive industries, but what is it that will allow us to SURVIVE and eventually SUCCEED? Experience is the best, yet the hardest teacher the world has to offer, but how you prepare for the lesson is the key.

The most successful people in today’s society are given this title due to the establishment of wealth and importance they have built for themselves. Now while financial girth is a clear and present attribute, if you evaluate the individual’s work ethic and discipline you will find that along with the heavy pockets, confidence, class, and commitment are the markings of success. These three values are what truly separate the talented from the skilled and what precedes the reputation of the quality mondern-day professional. Without the existence of unwavering confidence in yourself, nobody would even fathom that the pinnacle that you want to reach is possible. To doubt yourself and your abilities will only delay your opportunity to work towards that goal, but by displaying confidence in yourself the level of your work ethic increases. When your work ethic becomes sound your self-discipline begins to come into focus, and your commitment to that goal or that dream follows suit. There is always that one person that is pressing toward the mark just a bit harder than the next person, so you have to ask yourself is that person you?

With all that we choose to endeavor in, it is important to always have class and dignity and a well-rounded rapport with those who we interact with. The people that we least expect are the same ones applying the most attention to our actions and behaviors. It does not do one justice to have a great record on paper, but his or her relationships have no foundation or positive substance. These are the lessons of quality living that can transform the culture of our generation and generations to come if we apply and teach others. I encourage everyone who is a supporter of Senses Lifestyle Magazine to continue to follow us as we pave a path for trendsetters, entrepreneurs, and intellectual connoisseurs. We will strive to put you on the right course to quality living for a better future.



Joshua Thompson

TASTE: A Pleasant Face With Amazing Taste

2 Nov

A Pleasant Face With Amazing Taste

Wine that’s affordable and delicious

Amazing people talk about their ideas, average people talk about things they’ve done in life, but people with great taste talk about wine. Parallel to other great things in life, wine ranges in value along with it’s sophisticated essence. Some individuals prefer hard liquor to wine simply because hard liquor can be cheaper and it get’s straight to the point if you will. On the other hand the majority of people who crave a glass of wine believe it is more expensive in comparison to your vodkas and spirits. In fact wine is one of the most affordable alcoholic beverages that can indeed satisfy your taste buds.

Selecting a nice yet affordable bottle wine can be a daunting to a person who has know clue to what they want. Lambrusco is a sweet carbonated wine, its best known for its comparable taste to a mixture of lemon-lime and fruit punch soda. This bottle of wine can be picked up for just seven dollars.  There is also Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvignon, this bottle of wine is sweet and slightly dry taste and can be purchased at $2.99 a bottle. St. Chateau Michelle (Gewurztraminer) wine is another fine choice to drink because of its fruity, yet floral quality of taste. This popular purchase starts off at only $10 a bottle.

   In addition to this, a bottle of Oak Creek Cabernet Sauvignon from Oak Creek Vineyards in California goes for the “low, low” price of only  $3.34 a bottle. And if you’re absolutely screaming for something fruity then this wine is just for you. It carries a powerful taste bursting of cranberry and hinting of clove flavors. The A to Z 2008 Pinot Gris bottle of wine is sold for just $13 and provides the flavors of green apple, pear, and quince spiked with lime zest and garnished with blossoms. I suggest checking with your local stores to purchase your very own bottle for your collection at home. Remember, looks can be deceiving when it comes to acquiring the best taste possible.  So before you spend $30 on a bottle of wine just to say you did it, first check out the economically-friendly bottle, who knows your taste buds might just fall in love.

Written By: Taelor Cage