SENSES Lifestyle: Fresh New Voices

10 Jan

Happy New Year to all our readers! We present to you yet another poetic, and sensual addition as part of SENSES Lifestyle Fresh New Voices from SENSES own columnist; Khorry Lewis. We hope that this will set the “quality” mood and atmosphere for you in the New Year!

Good Sex= The Music Climax

 The feeling of music moving through the veins as each beat formulates one motion of emotion.

Each string and chord takes control of the subtle touches that produce massive amounts of electricity, like two spark plugs brushed together.

Whether fast or slow the rhythm doesn’t mind as it goes with the flow of the mc spitting each verse-as if it’s the last.

Gripping the microphone tighter and tighter the flow seems to get intense, covering every angle of the verse before the hook drops in a woman’s voice, “Baby its yours”.

The liquid beat begins to pour more soul into the mc as he goes hard to the top for the last verse, which is not rehearsed but dispersed purely off the head.

The bass turns down as the treble reaches the max………the climax that is.

By: Khorry Lewis

The ‘Common Sense”: Eye Spy

10 Jan

Eye Spy

Monkey see…monkey do. In other words people watch and mimic others whether it’s the way they speak or the actions they make. The sense of sight has influenced our society to depend on others on how to act amongst each other. People naturally become self-conscious more than usual especially when the feeling of being judged is present or if they feel they’ve been judged negatively in the past. This inherently leads to pre-conceived notions and held assumptions. This gift of sight is abused and taken for granted everyday and we utilize it for everyday purposes such as driving, communicating, or admiring others. However, to see beauty for what it really is, is the true gift people fail to realize.

We are naturally so wrapped up in a person’s physical appearance that we forget to acknowledge a person for who they really are…their personality and character. Personality can make a person either the most beautiful and well-rounded person in the world or the complete opposite. Not to mention we also fail to consider what a person can really bring to the table. In today’s society there’s a confusion of what beauty is, while some use their sight to focus on outer beauty others would rather focus their attention on something that’s everlasting such as a nice personality, compassion, intelligence, charm, and then some. But of course, to see the beauty in something is easier said than done.

In fact, the majority will say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no two people will find beauty in the exact same thing, but to actually have the vision and hind sight is breath taking to say the most, especially when looking at things through a long-term lens rather than an ephemeral and material one. In my personal life, I do my best to never judge others by what they appear to look like because I wouldn’t want others judging me in return. Instead I do take the time to get to know a person starting with the inside and navigating my way out until I can come to the consensus of who they really are as an individual.  As my mama would say “eyes are the gateway to a person’s soul” and if you ask me the saying speaks for itself.

By: Taelor Cage

TOUCH: I Ain’t Sayin She a Gold-digger…

10 Jan

I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Gold-digger…

“She take my money, well I’m in need/Yeah she’s a triflin’ friend indeed/Oh she’s a gold digger way over time /that digs on me”

Sound familiar? We have all heard this song from the notorious Kanye “Yeezy Taught Me” West; this song’s infamous for pointing out women who seek one thing from men, money. Although this song may be offensive to some, yet everyone two-steps when it comes on in the club…why? Because it has valid point to it! It’s no secret that men seek out beauty in a woman and women seek out security in men, that has been the age long practice since, well the Stone Age. Why do you think we see nothing but beautiful women in music videos and men trying to make it rain in the clubs? Trust me, they aren’t doing that to make the men excited.

Unfortunately, when it comes to attracting the opposite sex some women have become so cliché at valuing what has been depicted in media. If you have ever watched the Vh1 reality TV show “What Chilli Wants” you know this is a woman who has a laundry list of criteria can leave her single at the age of 40. It’s a good idea to know what you are looking for in your partner, but not being flexible can be detrimental to your love life.  Women often believe that we know exactly what we are looking for in our partner, and most qualities turn out to be superficial.  Tall, dark, handsome, oh and a big…bank account. Little do we realize that same list is really doing more harm than help.

Many women, and men, have it all wrong when it comes to finding a partner, they‘re searching for all the wrong things; and wonder why they have issues with the people they’ve dated, but I digress.  Since grade school we have always been told to write out the list of the things we wish to accomplish or the things that we want and that somehow has translated into how we find a partner.  I will admit, I even had a list of qualities that I wanted in a man and I rated each man on a point system based on what I was looking for. How’d that turn out you ask? Well that list has been thrown out.

Women should seek out men who are not so concerned with what women are looking for and more focused on bettering themselves. Women like to see a man working hard and confident in whom he is and what he has to offer. Trying to fit someone else’s criteria just looks weak.  When I am asked what I look for in a man, it pretty much boils down to the basics, I keep it simple and sweet. To no surprise however, many woman look for the same things. When taking a poll about what qualities women look for in man, the following are the most repeated:

1. Ambition

2. Funny/Sense of Humor

3. Family Oriented

4. Loyal/Honest

5. Intelligent

When trying to determine what you want out of a partner, narrow your list down to the top 5 traits you believe are important qualities to have and also the 5 deal breakers that you will not settle for. This gives you the flexibility to meet someone who may not fit into your 21 question criteria, but it also clarifies what you won’t settle for.  Too often someone may desperately want to fit your standards and may change who they are to accommodate that. The end results are never good, no one can change who they are especially if it is done with the motivation to please another.

When you search for superficial qualities in the opposite sex you end up having a superficial relationship. Forget the money, cars, the hot bodies, and cute faces and look for what really matters. But let’s be real, at the end of the day women are attracted to a man who is financially secure and independent and men well, they pay attention only to the women who could potentially give them good looking children.

By: Danielle White

HEARING: 2011 Good Music Recap: Top 10 Soulful and Underground Albums/ Ep’s

10 Jan

2011 Good Music Recap: Top 10 Soulful and Underground Albums/ Ep’s

By: Khorry Lewis

Going into this New Year we tend to recap every second, minute and hour of the 365 days we spent last year. Without any regrets we all are moving forward into a new year with new goals and new beginnings, most of all new music to set our souls free. In case anyone has missed out, I have made a 2011 Top 10 good music list, not to be confused with your ordinary MTV, or BET list. This list consists of purely soulful and underground artists that may not have been spun on your local radio station 24/7. Although there was a plethora to choose from I did my best in putting together “A” lists my music lovers will enjoy.


  1. Phonte- Charity Starts At Home
  2. Common- The Dreamer, The Believer
  3. Median- The Sender
  4. Kendrick Lamar- Section 80
  5. The Roots- Undun
  6. Rapper Big Pooh- Dirty Pretty Things
  7. Rashad & Confidence- The Elements Of Surprise
  8. Pharoahe Monch- W.A.R.
  9. Talib Kweli- Gutter Rainbows
  10. 9th Wonder- The Wonder Years


  • ·Big Krit- Return Of 4eva
  • ·Blu- Her Favorite Colo(u)r
    • ·TP- 9th wonder presents TP Is My Hero
    • · Danny Brown- The Hybrid


  1. ZO! – Just Visiting Three
  2. Marsha Ambrosius- Late Nights & Early Mornings
  3. King – The Story
  4. Thundercat –The Golden Age Of Apocalypse
  5. Miles Bonny – Lumber Jack Soul
  6. Jhene Aiko- Sailing Souls
  7. J*Davey – New Designer Drug
  8. Jilll Scott- The Light Of The Sun
  9. Musiq- Musiqinthemagiq
  10. I’ced- All In My Mind

SMELL: I May Not Have A Milli, But I Smell Like It…

10 Jan

I May Not Have A Milli, But I Smell Like It

Ladies and Gentlemen, now that you have successfully transitioned yourself into the new year, you undoubtedly are analyzing how to matriculate your individual lifestyle from what it was in 2011 to an entirely new plateau in 2012. Hopefully you’ve begun to train, culture, and adapt your sense of smell within the vast world of fragrance. With this, your personal day-to-day preference of smell all the way to your favorite fragrance to wear on your late Saturday nights should be in a sound rotation.

Being that it is now a new year, I offer you one of my latest additions to my list of fragrances that is sure to elevate your desire of quality within your sense of smell and serve as a more than luxurious addition to your collection without you yourself having or needing to be living a life of luxury. My newest addition is the Paco Rabanne “1Million” cologne. This sleek, and charming fragrance is a great option for when you step out on the weekend and you want to switch up your preference from what you generally apply to your neck. The harmonious combination of rose, white wood, amber, grapefruit, and Indonesian patchouli among other select essences invokes sensuality, class, and a savoir-faire rapport.  And the best thing about this fragrance is that it is available for about $75 at your local Macy’s for men and for the women in the form of the Lady Million perfume.

So while you may not ever own a personal gold bar, you can most certainly acquire this gold fragrance that is sure to have you smelling wealthy, cultured, and refined.

Let quality be yours to define…,

By: J. Thompson

The “Common” Sense: Yo Mama

9 Dec

The Common Sense: Yo Mama

Nowadays humor no longer exists, and if it does people are very subtle with showing it. A sense of humor is something everyone has but very few know actually know the meaning of. According to Webster humor means a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement. Humor varies from person to person and situation to event. Humor is one thing that can break tension well from a tense situation. Depending on how a person was raised explains their standard on what is humorous. Whether it’s a lighthearted joke to a crying your eyes out of stomach pain laughter.

Humor is never predictable but it’s something that everyone should be familiar with. Humor in all areas of life is nice to have. Every person should be able to laugh at them-self. Most importantly a person with a sense of humor is a person that isn’t afraid of being them-self. A funny person is a person that enjoys life for what it is. Although there is a time and place for jokes, people seem to forget when to crack a joke and when to keep their mouth shut. Occasions such as funerals, life threatening illnesses, and sometimes crimes are not things to be joked about. While jokes on a comedic situations is different.

The infamous “yo mama” jokes are timeless and as the years go on the “mama jokes” keep getting funnier. But don’t make a joke about someone’s death while his or her significant other is standing right there! That’s not right, and that’s unemotional, the two things that humor can never be okay with. The most important foundation of having a sense of humor is not taking offense to anything. It’s all in good fun, and the best gift in life is laughing things off and not worrying over it.


It can be debated if humor makes the world go round but there’s a song with lyrics that go like “put a smile on your face, makes the world a better place.” Having a sense of humor has no age limit on it. So the next time you hear some good jokes don’t feel shy about busting out a loud laugh. Everyone is appointed to be happy in life and with a sense of humor true happiness will always prevail over anything else.

By: Taelor Cage

SENSES Lifestyle: Fresh New Voices

9 Dec

Welcome to the newest addition of Senses Lifestyle dubbed Fresh New Voices. Each month we will feature poetic pieces and innovative spoken word from new artists that are sure to educate, empower, move, and inspire you mentally and spiritually. This month we feature Alexia Tatiana; a student at California State University, Northridge and emerging poet with her poem entitled “Always Knew…”

“Always Knew”

In your heart from the start we always knew what it was

Match made in heaven but, it wasn’t meant for earth

It wasn’t meant for me

Lie with me at night but,

Don’t lie to my heart

That’s what you did

That’s what you did from the start

I screamed out save him

But I guess my angels didn’t hear me

I guess my angels didn’t feel me

Couldn’t bear to see me cry anymore

It hurts to know the person who makes you feel special today

Can make you feel so unwanted tomorrow

It’s hard to keep the thought of us falling in love, a thought

My hearts fallen so much

It can barely withdrawal

From the pain

That he brings to her

Every song on the radio

It sings to her

But that’s her man

But she can’t stand on her own two feet when she’s with him

He lingers in her mind

She’s losing him and she just doesn’t know why

She’s losing him and he’s not fighting for her why?

Cry and complain

But it just won’t change

The hurt and the pain

Let go but I find myself playing the same old game

Writing the same old poems

Saying the same old thing

Cause I can give you what you want

But she will give you what you need

This relationships the dark

And she’s the light you need

This relationship is dark

And we just can’t see

Let you go… I will

But you will always forever be everything to me

Cause your something that matters I won’t let you lose something that does

In your heart from the start we always knew what it was

By: Alexia Tatiana

6th Sense Of Quality: Interview With The Artist Known As LEON

9 Dec

The TRUE Hip-Hop Is Alive & Well! Interview With The Artist Known As LEON

By: J. Thompson

LEON The Artist

Being born and raised by two musically inclined parents, it was only a matter of time before Leon picked up where they left off. Born and raised in Los Angeles,CA Leon having seen economic, street, crime, positive and negative things that his city had to offer all at the young age of 22 he is determined to be different, Leon started documenting his visions, his Hopes, his Surroundings, and undoubtedly his dreams in the creative form of poetry. However due to his great sense of melodic and eclectic messages of substance he challenged himself and decided to become a songwriter. He had one problem…getting someone to deliver it…That is the day the curtains opened and Leon became “LEON” The Artist! In just a short amount of time after releasing his critically acclaimed Mixtape “My Imperfections Perfectly” he opened up for Mellow Man Ace at the world famous Whisky A Go Go.  He has performed in numerous venue and is scheduled to release his HIGHLY ANTICIPATED new project “Anti-Radio” in January 2012. When asked “How do you describe your sound and music?” Leon has a simple answer “Life…it’s reality, emotions, real and memorable…everything that life is”

As a fellow lover of music and artist I had the privilege of interviewing Leon and hearing his thoughts on his journey as an upcoming artist, his motivation, and his future outlook within the industry…

SENSES: Tell me a bit about your background?

LEON: “I was blessed with a great background, parents were musically inclined, a creative self expression form. Being able to express that creativity.”

SENSES: How did you transition from Leon to LEON the Hip-Hop artist?

LEON: “Leon to LEON The Artist…hmm well I started out as a songwriter at age 18, but I couldn’t get anybody to really adhere to my material, but as I continued to write songs I made the transition at age 19.”

SENSES: As a hip-hop artist what kind of musical genres do you listen to?

LEON: “Being a hip-hop artist I actually don’t listen to a lot of hip-hop. I generally listen to alot of R&B y’kno Brandy, Tyrese etc. The foundation was laid by the pioneers Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Jay-Z, but on another level I’m a songwriter and get my inspiration from R&B. I listen to a variety of genres, from Gospel all the way  to Blink 182.”

SENSES: Considering the environment of the music industry today, how do you view it and where do you see yourself fitting in?

LEON: “That’s a good question…I see hip-hop as being within a rebuilding stage where hip-hop is transitioning back to the core where hip-hop was dominant. And as far as where I see myself, I’m in the midst of it all just desiring to go higher and farther but maintaining myself right in the middle and being humble.”

SENSES: How do you prepare before you lay down a track in the studio?

LEON: “Experience, consistency and knowing yourself….knowing your sound and proper preparation. What drives me is my determination and desire to be heard and I believe humility is the key to a good track.”

SENSES: How did you transition from your first mixtape “My Imperfections-Perfectly” to Anti-Radio?

LEON: “Anti-Radio will be released in January. The transition from projects allowed me to start fresh with a new production team, know myself more and prove myself to producers as well as focusing on letting my voice truly be heard. For example I have a track called University of South Central where I’m describing my neighborhood and the variables that I was dealt with in my growing up. With that said, I believe I matured from my first mixtape.”

SENSES: What does Anti-Radio mean to you, and how do you define it?

LEON: “Anti-Radio has 2 definitions, the first is that it’s a compilation of material that isn’t on the radio, the second is that the radio is the metaphor for life. It’s about finding optimism and grinding and individuality is the movement of anti-radio in and of itself.”

SENSES: What is your next move?

LEON: “Just staying on the grind and focusing on doing the leg-work of marketing myself as an artist y’kno…extending hands and showing that I’m just as genuine as the music I create. I’m working with a whole new production team and by sticking to their strategy I believe I’ll become a force to be reckoned with.”

SENSES: What do you indulge in in your spare time away from the mic?

LEON: “I really enjoy my private time, when I’m not in the booth I’m either writing poetry or writing melodies because I’m a writer at heart. I’m also an actor and have a production debuting real soon.”

SENSES: How do your parents feel about your music?

LEON: “ I was always told, if you can’t play a record in front of your mom, it’s probably something you shouldn’t be playing” (laughs). My first show was on November 4th,and both of my parents were in attendance and are immensely proud of my work.”

For Footage, Pics and other Artist Info

Biography Provided By: Leon’s Manager; Andrew Bennett

Edited By: J. Thompson; SENSES Editor-In-Chief


9 Dec



We all know the weather is starting to change going into the holidays and New Year, as an adult I always reminisce about music in regards to how cold or hot the weather gets. For example, when Jay-z dropped Reasonable Doubt I was in Jr. high and vividly remember listening to “Dead Presidents” on my CD walk man outside in the rain waiting for basketball practice.  The different memories that a music artist can give our minds can be therapeutic and timeless. No matter how old we get, music always seems to take us back to the one place that we can’t physically visit again. Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. better known as Common, is one hip hop artist that I can truly say plays a huge part in the way I view music and life today, along with plenty of dope tracks that take me back to that hot sunny summer or that cold winter afternoon.

Common may be known on a more international and commercial level more now than he was in the years to pass, and the growth Common has portrayed not just as an artist but as an activist puts him on a different playing field of artists. Although Resurrection was the 2nd album Common put out, it is one of his most classical pieces that begun his reputation as a lyrically challenging artist who is able to lend intellectual weight and depth to his listeners on the human condition. When Resurrection gets played to most hip hop heads it is a masterpiece. That sunny summer listening to this entire album from front to back was like being sat down by my father and letting him tell me what is right and wrong. Most of the albums by Common are life lessons, experiences, relationships, and metaphoric similes that if played over makes sense the second time around.

“Went to school in Baton Rouge for a couple of years My college career got downed with a couple of beers, Came back home, now I gotta pay back loans”

I was driving home on a cold afternoon listening to Pandora and “Its your world” came on taking me back to my college years where I maximized the playing time on this album, with this track on repeat. At the moment of the BE’ album, Hip Hop was making its way with several artists on the same page of conscious messages; I personally crowned Common as the best after hearing it. With 8 albums to date and a New York Times Best selling book “One Day It’ll All make Sense” Common has proven to be one of hip hops top heavyweights.

“Sweet”, and “Blue Sky”, are two of Common’s new singles from his album The Dreamer/ The Believer set to be released 12/20/11. I can’t wait to make new memory for Common’s music.

Written By: Khorry Lewis

(Senses Director)

SENSES LIFESTYLE: The Guide To A Gentleman December Issue

8 Dec

Season’s Greetings Ladies & Gentleman! As the year of 2011 draws to a close and the spirit of the holidays sets in Senses Magazine also draws closer to celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary! But before we transition into the New Year we offer you yet another quality,thoughtful, and engaging issue of Senses Lifestyle magazine. Although we have changed our epithet, our content of sophistication, elegance, and quality articles has not! This month we not only feature another EXCLUSIVE interview with the notorious Hip-Hop producer 9th Wonder, but we also highlight another upcoming LA based hip-hop artist known as LEON who is sure to affirm for you that TRUE Hip-Hop is alive and well. In addition to this we present another dose of Food for Thought from a new poetic voice. We hope that your holidays are blessed and full of joy!


HEARING: Exclusive interview with Hip Hop Producer 9th Wonder!!

SENSES Lifestyle: Fresh New Voices


Let Quality Be Yours To Define….

J. Thompson