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Senses Lifestyle Magazine: Winter 2013 Issue

3 Feb


Greetings Everyone and Welcome Back! We hope that 2013 has presented you with a fresh start and a clear pathway to making this the best year possible for yourself. Senses Lifestyle Magazine offers you this season with our introductory Winter 2013 issue! This year we have dedicated our purpose to providing you our readers with an expansive outlook on how to further define quality in your lifestyle as well as an inside look on some of the best intellectual, creative, and talented entrepreneurs, music artists, and world changers out in the world today. We want you to help us make this vision of success tailor-made to meet your every need! We hope you enjoy this season’s issue.

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist

Table of Contents:

Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

Touch: Is Being Single The New Norm

Sight: The Fashionista: From Fashion To Functional

Hear: Vinyl Junkie: The Addiction of Vintage Sound

Smell: Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars


Smell: The Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars

3 Feb

Smell: The Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars


Whether it be a political revolutionary, NBA legend, Hip-hop mogul, or even myself as the Chief editor of this publication, there is one vice that cultured and refined men partake in from time to time to unwind and on occasion bring in a celebration…a damn good cigar. The long history and art of cigar smoking and the wealth of knowledge that has followed it can be traced through the tobacco leaf like the lifelines on your palm. The realm of  cigars is a place where the quintessential gentleman who may or may not consider himself to be a regular smoker can become a guru of the leaf like a connoisseur to his scotch. Some may say that smoking is a nasty habit, and that in it’s own right can be substantiated through much medical evidence.

However, those who do indulge still savor the smell of  a prime Nicaraguan or Dominican Robusto or Corona. And for the true aficionados who have the efficient means and pull, the highly sought after Cuban cigar is the smoke of choice.


Contrary to popular belief not all cigars taste as they smell, and not all cigars smell as they taste. There lies a differentiation between the wrapper leaves that encompass the filler and the varying strengths of tobacco within the cigar. Experts will tell you that the darker the wrapper, the sweeter the flavor, and the lighter the wrapper, the less flavor will be garnered. In addition, the part of the tobacco plant where the leaves are grown from, and the soil it is grown in have a significant effect on the flavor of the blend.


tumblr_ltqpjzhxlf1r4nooho1_500A practice among cigar smokers is the classic pass beneath the nose. Through this one can identify the full-bodied cigar that will offer an elongated experience from the milder, smoother cigar that may provide a quick, enjoyable smoke for on-the-go. Over the past year, I’ve grown accustomed to sharing a Churchill or on occasion a luxurious Toro with business associates and friends, and so here is a brief list of my personal Top 5 cigars that exhume the best scent over good conversation and libations. Helpful Tip: A seasoned smoker always has a lighter on hand, and a cutter in the breast pocket

For more information on these cigars and others visit

Written By:

J. Thompson

Senses Lifestyle Magazine: December 2012 Issue

4 Dec


Greetings & Happy Holidays!

2012 is almost at a close, and it has been a joy providing you our readers and supporters with the best knowledge we here at Senses Lifestyle have to offer to make your quality of living that much more diverse and meaningful. This month we’ve included a variety of content including a couple of interesting perspectives on Taste and Touch this holiday season. While this time of year is a joyous period of celebration for some it can come with negative connotations and habits. Taelor Cage explores the question of whether our respective indulgences are furthered as alternative methods to avoid stress through Over Indulging or Just Improvising and shows you how to turn those same vices into positive actions. For those men who find themselves in an emotional thicket when it comes down to holiday shopping and keeping your lover, Danielle White delivers her ideas in Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her to buying the right gift and attaining an even greater return. Looking for the right sweater or jacket to give your family member who’s closet is full of prior season garments? Take a look at Staying Warm for the Holiday Season for stylish suggestions from Khorry Lewis and it doesn’t hurt to create the perfect 1, 2 gift combination with a new, urban look this Winter! And if you’re looking for a new artist to tune your ears to while you trim your tree, Khorry invites you to take a listen to Daley, The British Heart Throb.  We’ve also chosen emerging fashion brand 2wenty5eight clothing as our Fashion Spotlight this season that will have you wearing the dream that you believe in! Should you be looking for that new, inspirational piece of  literature to launch you into the new year, we recommend viewing our 6th Sense  of Quality interview as Senses Lifestyle sits down with 2012 NAACP Image Award recipient and poet, James B. Golden to talk about his brand new book The Inside Of An Orange.

We hope you have enjoyed this year and wish you all the best that life has to offer in the new year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @S_LifestyleMag and Subscribe to our site for all new issues in 2013!

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist


A Quality Moment With The Editor

TASTE: Over Indulging Or Just Improvising

TOUCH: Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her

SIGHT: Staying Warm for the Holiday Season

HEAR: Daley, The British Heart Throb

SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer

S_L Recipes: Get In The Game With BlkHrtAffair: Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

6th Sense Of Quality: James B. Golden

Fashion Spotlight: 2wenty5eight


COVER – Photograph by R.SEE Photography

Edited by Johnathan Moreno

2wenty5eight Clothing

A Quality Moment With The Editor

4 Dec

A Quality Moment With The Editor

Persistence is key to realizing and fulfilling the dream…

Joshua Thompson, S_L Editor-in-ChiefThe year 2012 has been a year of struggle and triumph to say the very least. We have seen the socio-economic structure of our country fluctuate in a myriad of ways, and this has truly shaped the way in which we as Americans relate to one another and view our society as a whole. From indications of potential financial meltdowns, to a heated political race for the presidency, to a surge in mobile technology, it has all weighed in heavily on our perspective on how the modern world is changing. Now that we are on the cusp of transitioning into another unpredictable year the question that is presented is simply, Where do we go from here? It is my personal belief that to answer this inquiry we most reevaluate the vision we have within ourselves and the goals we desire to achieve. To attain positive progression we must adhere to our morals and values that we hold dear to bring change and hope to the generation to come.

Our vision as a people must not be of one of self reliance and gratification, but of collective perseverance and community. When we look at the historic re-election of our Commander in Chief whether you voted for or against him, there can be no denial that the central lesson that this year has brought us is the necessity for unity and persistence.  The “crabs in a barrel” syndrome can be extinguished if we distinguish our purpose to support one another and end it. We cannot give up though our desire for how our circumstances should be does not correlate with our per-conceived agenda. Persistence is key to realizing and fulfilling the dream. Remember to appreciate what you have daily will remind yo that we have been given a purpose to continue to gain our victory. Whatever endeavor it is that we want to achieve can reach its full potential if we continue to believe.

I encourage all to take advantage of the new year to come and to believe that your vision can prosper and not allow “di-vision” to separate you from your hearts desires. Whatever is mentally conceivable IS physically achievable.

Joshua Thompson


SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer

4 Dec

SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer


Sometimes what’s found in the stocking over the mantle brings more pleasure than the exquisitely wrapped gift under the tree. If you want to make a provocative statement to your father, son, or any other male family member, give them a surprise they’ll appreciate and one that will incite bold expression and confidence. Bleu De Chanel cologne will certainly go over and beyond getting the job done. Released in 2010, this fragrance with its exotic combination of woods, citrus, pink pepper, and other elements allow the gentleman to make a subtle, yet sensual and extraordinary impression on the senses. For the man that has grown his winter goatee and wishes to clean his crop when spring arrives next year, the after shave lotion is indeed a viable alternative or addition to his grooming needs. A gift such as this can be an unexpected and essential attribute to his collection that will have him smelling right for the new year.

Written By: J.Thompson

SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: November 2012 Issue

2 Nov

Ladies & Gentlemen! SENSES Lifestyle Magazine is proud to present for your viewing pleasure another tasteful and engaging edition for the month of November. As we transition into the festive holiday season for Thanksgiving you’ll find in this issue that the familiar sense of TASTE is most certainly the forerunner this month. Take a look at “Pleasant Face With An Amazing Taste, ” our writer Taelor Cage offers insightful and useful information for shoppers looking to accentuate their holiday feasts with wine that is not only appeasing, but economically friendly as well. Just read our spotlight article for the 6th Sense of Quality on BkHrt Affair Catering and their variety of innovative dishes for their ideal Thanksgiving, the pictures alone will make you wish you had a fork and knive next to you. You’ll find not only the theme of culinary delights present in this issue, but our writers have also provided stylish and intellectual food for thought. Danielle White communicates a pathway through “Cuffing Season 101” for the season that produces a myriad of intimate relationships. Khorry Lewis; Senses Lifestyle Director, offers his review on the highly-anticipated album good kid, m.A.A.d city from LA Hip-Hop artist, Kendrick Lamar, so if you’re a K-Dot fan you definitely want to take a look and offer your feedback on this great production. For those of you planning your end of the year vacation plans, our newest addition to the Writing Staff this month, Lanre Akinsiku offers his perspective of the mindset of the everyday traveler in “Passport: Memoirs Of A Traveling Man”. Be sure to view our bonus content featuring the powerhouse clothing line Royal Dynamite, our experience with author of WTF Moment, Bolaji Qudus, and the executive review of the official sponsor of the Gentlemen Republic 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball this October, Courvoisier Gold. This issue not only represents the culmination and relevance of quality taste in food and libations, but the reverence for this special time of year where the rewards of just living and enjoying it mean the most.

– Joshua Thompson, Editor-In-Chief

– Khorry Lewis, Director

“SENSES Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”


A Quality Moment With The Editor

TASTE: Pleasant Face With An Amazing Taste

TOUCH: Cuffing Season 101

SIGHT: Top 10 Stylish Professional Athletes

HEAR: Kendrick Lamar Album Review: good kid, m.A.A.d city

SMELL: The Power Of The Scented Wax

Tips From A Gentleman: 1st Date Rules

PASSPORT: Memoirs Of A Traveling Man

6th Sense Of Quality: BlkHrt Affair Catering


The 3rd Annual Gentlemen Republic Masquerade Ball Highlights!



SMELL: The Power of the Scented Wax

2 Nov

The Power of the Scented Wax


These past few months have been grand as we’ve focused on the necessity and pertinence of smelling your best. And just like we must incorporate a distinguished and cultured sense of personal preferences for fragrances for ourselves, the same applies to our living quarters. Our homes should be groomed as we are  and naturally as men we prefer to be clean-cut and well put together to set us apart from the rest of the pack. Our personal domain, our dojo if we will is a distinct reflection of our personality; So why not have our apartments, homes, condos, and/or lofts smell and look just as good? I’ve found that incense is too much of a hassle and at times can be overpowering, but candles are a perfect touch to a long-lasting emanation of fragrance for your fragrance. I know you’re probably thinking that candles are in a sense too feminine to have in the home, you’ve seen them at your mother’s or grandmother’s house and smelled the potpourri and floral medleys and at this point are sick of it. You need not to worry, as there are a number of scents to choose from for the areas of your home.

The Living Room

The living room is the first room that a person enters and when you’re not cooking in the kitchen it’s always a good thing to let the room breathe if the two sections are connected. I personally like the area of my apartment to give a warm sensation through the nostrils, and so any type of candle with cinnamon and brown sugar is a strong, delightful yet not an overpowering scent. Yes, as you can see you can delve far away from the floral scents that seem to dominate the candle inventory at your local store. It is also a good idea to layer smells that you believe go well together, this will require some trial and error, but once you’ve found your fragrant composition you are good to go.

Establish A Scented Flow

Creating a cohesive flow of scents from the living room to your personal bedroom are also a unique and noticeable way of  making an innovative statement of your attention to detail. What you don’t want is to have your front room smelling of warm sugar cookies and the latter part of your home smelling of morning dew and pinecones, IT DOESN’T WORK.So pick candles that you know have scents that mesh well together and formulate an engaging, enjoyable, yet not overpowering blend that you and any potential guests can enjoy.

The Bathroom

A man’s bathroom should always smell fresh and look up to par. It is not in good taste to have great appeal in your personality and your character to your female guests, but the condition of the “throne room” has disgusting slob written all over it. So fellas, let’s get it together shall we? After you have given your bathroom a thorough cleaning, feel free to light a candle or two that smell of fresh rain, perhaps warm vanilla, or even the Japanese scent of sandalwood. Whatever your preference is make sure that it is a fragrance that can keep that area smelling good even before and after the “seat” is utilized.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and comfort, so naturally you should want it to smell that way correct? Considering every male’s snack area and laundry corner it’s  important that anyone who comes into your bedroom not see it and most certainly not smell it. Whenever I clean I want my room to feel so fresh and so clean if you will, so I utilize the smell of lavender to disperse within the atmosphere. It’s believed that lavender naturally relaxes the muscles and slows the body’s heart rate and blood pressure. You will always find this scent within your local spas, maybe that’s why they use it so much? Citrus is also a very straightforward choice that will give your room energy and enhance your mood, I suggest small portions and nothing too heavy again so as to not overdo it.

Written By: J. Thompson

SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: September/October 2012 Issue

3 Oct

Ladies & Gentlemen! SENSES Lifestyle Magazine is proud to bring you its Fall 2012 Issue! This season has become a period of intellectual, political, and musical change. With that said it’s only proper that we highlight our First Lady; Michelle Obama through TOUCH and the standard of womanhood and power that she has set as the cornerstone for President Barrack Obama during this election year. Has she truly set the tone and redefined what we men look for in a potential helpmate? And for the gentlemen, we have simplified the equation for the stylish sophisticate and taken it back by highlighting vintage clothing through The Fashionista as well as given you a useful guide on making your favorite choice of cologne more than just a designer product but a fragrance that defines you personally through the sense of SMELL.

And seeing as the heat this season will just not subside we’ve doubled-up and provided not only some culinary sexual stimulation through a compiled list of the TOP 10 Aphrodisiacs in TASTE, but Corporate Stimulation vicariously through two beautiful and professional young women; our Exclusive SENSE of the Month Duo featuring models Kamara Brown and Renee Williams.  If you liked last month’s album review, you’ll be eager to check out our Director, Khorry Lewis’ take on Miguel Jontel’s newest project Kaleidoscope Dream for the sense of HEARING. And just because we always like to add a little extra flavor, our newest addition to the writing staff here at Senses Lifestyle; Jason Robinson, provides his wisdom and unique perspective in his debut article Lasting Impressions.

And last but not least, after enjoying a relaxing read of our material be sure to reserve your ticket and join Gentlemen Republic and Senses Lifestyle for an endearing, sophisticated, and dazzling Halloween experience like no other on October 27th, 2012 for our 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball: Unveiling Hidden Truths. You Do Not Want To Miss This!

We Hope You Enjoy!

“Senses Lifestyle…A lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis



TASTE: Top 10 Aphrodisiacs

TOUCH: Michelle Obama: A WOMAN Like Her

SIGHT: Instant Vintage; good style is timeless

HEAR: Miguel Jontel: Kaleidoscope Dream Album Review

SMELL: Gucci, Armani, Polo? What’s Your Personal Statement?


SENSE OF THE MONTH: Renee Williams

S_L Spotlight: The Lovely Dona

S_L Lasting Impressions

SMELL: Gucci, Armani, POLO? What’s Your PERSONAL Statement

3 Oct

SMELL: Gucci, Armani, POLO? What’s Your PERSONAL Statement

“Every man shall not smell the same in a room full of people, the man who smells great is the man who WEARS the fragrance, the fragrance is not wearing him.”

Welcome Back Gents! Over the past few months I have diligently sought out different methods of simplifying the ambiguous and complex nature of this unique sense. More importantly, its relationship to the variety of cologne ts, skin fresheners, and oils and our access as aspiring connoisseurs. I came to the conclusion that in order for one to be considered a connoisseur one must understand what the essence and purpose of a fragrance is and treat it as a personal statement that accentuates and precedes his decorum.

A personal scent in and of itself can affect your mood and the way you view yourself as an individual. Not only does it directly impact your brain intellectually, but serves as a direct conduit to your emotions thus feeling and the impression it makes on you or another become synonymous. Much like a personal statement, your fragrance of choice is a form of expressing your style, interpretation, as well as your attention to detail all in one package. And while a specific fragrance may smell good on another, it may not be the same for you. Just because it’s Gucci or Armani does not mean you’re meant to wear it. And if you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’ per se because the next gentlemen received a compliment, you’ve only subjected yourself to being another follower not a trendsetter.

This is all the more reason to extensively study and experiment through trial and error during the process of creating your personal scent wardrobe. Just like the array of fabrics, colors, and patterns that are within our garments so is the same for our fragrance collections. They are more than just luxury products but extensions of our fashion sense as well. So I urge you to find your personal scent, you may discover it by accident or you may already know what it is, however you discover it wear it proudly. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to assist you in your search:

What Is Fragrance?

§  An invisible accessory

§  An extension of fashion

§  A magnifying glass able to enlarge and clarify style – it magnifies elements of nature.

Til’ Next Time…

Written By:

J. Thompson

SMELL: The Ladies Choice: The Ideal Scent For Her Ideal Guy

1 Sep

Greetings Readers,

This month I wanted to invite reader feedback for the sense of Smell. More importantly, I sought input from the female perspective on what fragrances or methods were appropriate or necessary to stimulate a woman’s attraction to a male. As we know the sense of smell is limited and ambiguous on its face, but suprisingly there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained. And so this past month I asked 10 women via an online survey on their opinions on what fragrances they preferred men to wear, and if so where they believe it should be applied, and how pertinent the sense of Smell was to them. The results are as follows..Oh and Gents grab a pen and a pad:

When asked, ‘What Is Your Favorite Scent On A Man?”:

Some women were very specific with their answer and were familiar with certain brands of cologne, a few women preferred the classic Polo lines, others Eau De Toilette “Thallium Paris”, Gucci or Burberry, and some simply responded “Anything But Musk”.

When asked, “Where do you feel is the most important place for a man to apply cologne?”:

25% of those asked chose the neck. 0% chose behind the ears, and another 25% chose the chest. And 50% of those women saw each area as equally important.

When asked, “When approached, is a man’s scent the first thing you notice?”:

One participant responded, “His scent is not the first thing I notice, but it is the last thing I’ll remember.” Others gave similar responses while others pinpointed a man’s scent as the first thing that they take notice of.
Overall, I believe it can be said if it has not already been said before that women do take notice of everything. And knowing what women want and/or like is essential. There is really nothing wrong with asking the question to get that positive feedback that you can utilize at your will when trying to creatively master this sense in your everyday life.


Til’ Next Time…

Written By: J. Thompson