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Senses Lifestyle Magazine: Winter 2013 Issue

3 Feb


Greetings Everyone and Welcome Back! We hope that 2013 has presented you with a fresh start and a clear pathway to making this the best year possible for yourself. Senses Lifestyle Magazine offers you this season with our introductory Winter 2013 issue! This year we have dedicated our purpose to providing you our readers with an expansive outlook on how to further define quality in your lifestyle as well as an inside look on some of the best intellectual, creative, and talented entrepreneurs, music artists, and world changers out in the world today. We want you to help us make this vision of success tailor-made to meet your every need! We hope you enjoy this season’s issue.

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist

Table of Contents:

Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

Touch: Is Being Single The New Norm

Sight: The Fashionista: From Fashion To Functional

Hear: Vinyl Junkie: The Addiction of Vintage Sound

Smell: Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars


The Fashionista: Fashion to Functional

3 Feb

The Fashionista; Fashion to Functional

After having a debate with a fellow gentleman about the essence of the pocket square, I explained how anything with pockets on the chest deserves to be complimented with a savvy pocket fold, not only does it bring out the color on the blazer or vest, but it also helps in the mileage of the suit while changing up the shirt/ tie. Now the pocket square comes in different sizes, textures and prints, although it may seem to be worn with business attire it can be worn casual as well.  The pocket square is a small accessory that when added to an outfit allows men to express themselves and vary their look without any hassle. There aren’t too many accessories that can be worn in so many different ways, for example; the folds on the pocket square can get very creative depending on the material (Cloth, Wool, Silk). A cloth/ wool pocket square can hold as many bends as possible, although silk looks the best because of the texture the folds are limited. For the beginner’s out there here’s a simple fold you may want to utilize on your next outing.

1- Open up the square.

2- Fold it in half, lengthwise.

3- Fold it again, this time from bottom to top.

4- Position the folded square in a diamond shape with the exposed folds at the top corner. Fold what is now the left corner in to the middle of the diamond.

5- Fold what is now the right corner in to slightly overlap the left fold.

6- Fold the bottom corner back so as to expose the preceding two folds.

7- Slide it in the pocket into jacket or vest, adjust occasionally. After mastering this basic technique, folds will become limitless.

By: Khorry Lewis

Senses Lifestyle Magazine: December 2012 Issue

4 Dec


Greetings & Happy Holidays!

2012 is almost at a close, and it has been a joy providing you our readers and supporters with the best knowledge we here at Senses Lifestyle have to offer to make your quality of living that much more diverse and meaningful. This month we’ve included a variety of content including a couple of interesting perspectives on Taste and Touch this holiday season. While this time of year is a joyous period of celebration for some it can come with negative connotations and habits. Taelor Cage explores the question of whether our respective indulgences are furthered as alternative methods to avoid stress through Over Indulging or Just Improvising and shows you how to turn those same vices into positive actions. For those men who find themselves in an emotional thicket when it comes down to holiday shopping and keeping your lover, Danielle White delivers her ideas in Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her to buying the right gift and attaining an even greater return. Looking for the right sweater or jacket to give your family member who’s closet is full of prior season garments? Take a look at Staying Warm for the Holiday Season for stylish suggestions from Khorry Lewis and it doesn’t hurt to create the perfect 1, 2 gift combination with a new, urban look this Winter! And if you’re looking for a new artist to tune your ears to while you trim your tree, Khorry invites you to take a listen to Daley, The British Heart Throb.  We’ve also chosen emerging fashion brand 2wenty5eight clothing as our Fashion Spotlight this season that will have you wearing the dream that you believe in! Should you be looking for that new, inspirational piece of  literature to launch you into the new year, we recommend viewing our 6th Sense  of Quality interview as Senses Lifestyle sits down with 2012 NAACP Image Award recipient and poet, James B. Golden to talk about his brand new book The Inside Of An Orange.

We hope you have enjoyed this year and wish you all the best that life has to offer in the new year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @S_LifestyleMag and Subscribe to our site for all new issues in 2013!

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist


A Quality Moment With The Editor

TASTE: Over Indulging Or Just Improvising

TOUCH: Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her

SIGHT: Staying Warm for the Holiday Season

HEAR: Daley, The British Heart Throb

SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer

S_L Recipes: Get In The Game With BlkHrtAffair: Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

6th Sense Of Quality: James B. Golden

Fashion Spotlight: 2wenty5eight


COVER – Photograph by R.SEE Photography

Edited by Johnathan Moreno

2wenty5eight Clothing

A Quality Moment With The Editor

4 Dec

A Quality Moment With The Editor

Persistence is key to realizing and fulfilling the dream…

Joshua Thompson, S_L Editor-in-ChiefThe year 2012 has been a year of struggle and triumph to say the very least. We have seen the socio-economic structure of our country fluctuate in a myriad of ways, and this has truly shaped the way in which we as Americans relate to one another and view our society as a whole. From indications of potential financial meltdowns, to a heated political race for the presidency, to a surge in mobile technology, it has all weighed in heavily on our perspective on how the modern world is changing. Now that we are on the cusp of transitioning into another unpredictable year the question that is presented is simply, Where do we go from here? It is my personal belief that to answer this inquiry we most reevaluate the vision we have within ourselves and the goals we desire to achieve. To attain positive progression we must adhere to our morals and values that we hold dear to bring change and hope to the generation to come.

Our vision as a people must not be of one of self reliance and gratification, but of collective perseverance and community. When we look at the historic re-election of our Commander in Chief whether you voted for or against him, there can be no denial that the central lesson that this year has brought us is the necessity for unity and persistence.  The “crabs in a barrel” syndrome can be extinguished if we distinguish our purpose to support one another and end it. We cannot give up though our desire for how our circumstances should be does not correlate with our per-conceived agenda. Persistence is key to realizing and fulfilling the dream. Remember to appreciate what you have daily will remind yo that we have been given a purpose to continue to gain our victory. Whatever endeavor it is that we want to achieve can reach its full potential if we continue to believe.

I encourage all to take advantage of the new year to come and to believe that your vision can prosper and not allow “di-vision” to separate you from your hearts desires. Whatever is mentally conceivable IS physically achievable.

Joshua Thompson


SIGHT: Staying Warm This Holiday Season!

4 Dec


When it comes to Christmas and holiday parties, we always think of that one person who has worn the horrible holiday sweater, and you may think to yourself that they are just trying to stay warm as you giggle quietly. Here is the tip, a sweater is our best friend during the holiday and winter season. I only say this because they come in so many different styles, colors and textures to fit our personal swag along with keeping us warm. Here are some pretty nifty sweaters and different styles to add to your “Bill Cosby repertoire”.

The V-Neck Sweater
: This sweater holds the purpose for business and play, meaning it can be worn in a business casual working environment, along with being a vital piece of your everyday fashion. The V- Neck serves as the go-to for sweater etiquette.

The Jumper Cardigan
: Adding a little bit of extra warmth and style to a once plain and simple button down sweater, the jumper cardigan can be seen as the European sweater of choice. Made to fit the tone of the body and built to last. Personally I find the Jumper cardigan to be the most effective in style and keeping you comfortable.

The Classic Cardigan
: And then we have the classic cardigan. We were introduced to this through weekday mornings with Mr. Rogers. This sweater serves as the classic look that can be dressed up or down. The cardigan can be worn with a button up dress shirt or a t-shirt or even with a v-neck underneath. Its sole purpose is comfort not necessarily for warmth.


The Double-Breasted Cardigan: Now this sweater has the asset of warmth and style, being that the cut is double breasted, meaning the buttons overlap. It has the option of being worn to stay warm. Similar to the classic cardigan this can be worn dressed up or down.

Written By: Khorry Lewis

SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: November 2012 Issue

2 Nov

Ladies & Gentlemen! SENSES Lifestyle Magazine is proud to present for your viewing pleasure another tasteful and engaging edition for the month of November. As we transition into the festive holiday season for Thanksgiving you’ll find in this issue that the familiar sense of TASTE is most certainly the forerunner this month. Take a look at “Pleasant Face With An Amazing Taste, ” our writer Taelor Cage offers insightful and useful information for shoppers looking to accentuate their holiday feasts with wine that is not only appeasing, but economically friendly as well. Just read our spotlight article for the 6th Sense of Quality on BkHrt Affair Catering and their variety of innovative dishes for their ideal Thanksgiving, the pictures alone will make you wish you had a fork and knive next to you. You’ll find not only the theme of culinary delights present in this issue, but our writers have also provided stylish and intellectual food for thought. Danielle White communicates a pathway through “Cuffing Season 101” for the season that produces a myriad of intimate relationships. Khorry Lewis; Senses Lifestyle Director, offers his review on the highly-anticipated album good kid, m.A.A.d city from LA Hip-Hop artist, Kendrick Lamar, so if you’re a K-Dot fan you definitely want to take a look and offer your feedback on this great production. For those of you planning your end of the year vacation plans, our newest addition to the Writing Staff this month, Lanre Akinsiku offers his perspective of the mindset of the everyday traveler in “Passport: Memoirs Of A Traveling Man”. Be sure to view our bonus content featuring the powerhouse clothing line Royal Dynamite, our experience with author of WTF Moment, Bolaji Qudus, and the executive review of the official sponsor of the Gentlemen Republic 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball this October, Courvoisier Gold. This issue not only represents the culmination and relevance of quality taste in food and libations, but the reverence for this special time of year where the rewards of just living and enjoying it mean the most.

– Joshua Thompson, Editor-In-Chief

– Khorry Lewis, Director

“SENSES Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”


A Quality Moment With The Editor

TASTE: Pleasant Face With An Amazing Taste

TOUCH: Cuffing Season 101

SIGHT: Top 10 Stylish Professional Athletes

HEAR: Kendrick Lamar Album Review: good kid, m.A.A.d city

SMELL: The Power Of The Scented Wax

Tips From A Gentleman: 1st Date Rules

PASSPORT: Memoirs Of A Traveling Man

6th Sense Of Quality: BlkHrt Affair Catering


The 3rd Annual Gentlemen Republic Masquerade Ball Highlights!



SIGHT: The Top 10 Stylish, Professional Athletes

2 Nov

The Fashionista: The Top 10 Stylish, Professional Athletes

What does the airport arrival, pre-game entry, and post game interview all have in common? I’ll tell you, it exposes our favorite athletes wardrobes and even the fastest pitch, quickest runner, hardest hitter, and smoothest jump shot cannot save some of the threads we have seen some athletes wear, and that is why we are focusing on the cleanest, stylish, professional athletes of today.

10. Victor Cruz

The NFL’S New York Giants star can be seen doing the salsa in the end zone, he brings urban style clashed with sophisticated savvy to each wardrobe… Mr. Cruz definitely earned this spot.


9. Matt Kemp

 Mr. Kemp has to be Major League Baseball’s smoothest outfielder, playing in the city of angels he is far from the average fitted cap- tobacco spitting big leaguer, Mr. Kemp performs off and on the field displaying confidence along with creative style.

8. Larry Fitzgerald

Being a wide receiver in the NFL comes with a price, not only are you the most recognized position (outside of the quarter back & running back) but also you are a vital piece to the offense. Fitzgerald although not the flashiest player he holds a confident yet gentlemen quality, as seen in his wardrobes he displays class, elegance, and a quite cockiness that can be seen as grown man savvy.

7. Lebron James

Now Lebron came a long way from his Cleveland Cavalier days wearing huge oversized throw back jerseys attached with bling, with the move to Miami he now takes a classier/urban sophisticated approach. Being in a state where parties, fashion, and nightlife are a common trend “Bron Bron” found his way to fit in to the fashion loop.

6. Derek Jeter

Similar to Los Angeles, being an athlete or even better yet…the BEST athlete in the state you have to be fashionably presentable. Jeter brings tons of savvy with his mellow soft-spoken attitude along with a comfortable classy appeal. Doesn’t Jeter just look comfortable in his own skin!


5. Chad Ocho Cinco

Chad Johnson is very fashionable, he is what we call a late bloomer in the fashion scene, making the proper transitions in his tailoring and appearance has definitely marked a spot for him in the top 5.


4. Dwight Howard

One of the most impressive, not because of his talents but because his stature and consistency we see with his wardrobe. Dwight gets a hi-five for the effort and creativity he puts into his tailoring, innovation and confidence wearing it. In the words of Bill Walton, “Throw it dooooown big maaan!”


3. David Beckham

David Beckham just has it, when someone just “has it” it means they are truly a showstopper when they are present. Being one of the greatest Soccer players to play the game and a fashion guru, Beckham displays a convinced swagger similar to a male model in his effortless style.


2. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an American Quarter Back for the New England Patriots, and he might as well have a side job as a heart-throb/ swag coach, similar to Will Smith in “Hitch”. Brady is the epitome of what European fashion is about, great tailoring, slim cut suits, and daring creative risks. Pay attention to Tom Brady, he is the definition of the man making the clothes and not the clothes making the man.


#1. Dwayne Wade

Here we are, finally we made it to the #1 best dressed professional athlete. D-Wade, Flash, or what ever you want to call him you cannot call him tacky. Wade displays a numerous amount of styles, trends, and wears them all with confidence. Not only does Wade have the rings, the beautiful lady, and a state that bleeds the #3, but he has the attitude of a true gentleman, along with a wardrobe to turn the heads of many. Watching a Dwayne Wade post-game interview is always exciting, we never know what combinations he will put together.

Written By: Khorry Lewis

Powerhouse Designers: Meet Royal Dynamite

2 Nov

Powerhouse Designers: Meet Royal Dynamite

From the creative minds of co-founders Cecil “Valentine” Williams and Ralph “Ralph Deisel” Saye, Royal Dynamite has become a powerhouse of a fashion line promoting creativity, innovation, and collaborative philanthropy.

Royal Dynamite is a t-shirt line that prides itself in the idea of “Collaborative Style for Awareness” which can best be described as partnerships with other businesses, brands, and artists to support educational awareness via the RDCares Program. RDCares is a One-for-One initiative through which Royal Dynamite will donate an educational package (bag, notebook, pencil, eraser, and sharpener) to a school-aged child in need, for every t-shirt sold.

Since its inception in August of 2010, Royal Dynamite has generated over 20,000 visitors, more than 7,000 twitter followers, and sold over 1,500 t-shirts, and that is only a fraction of the success garnered from the track record of success and service.

The most recent addition to the clothing line which has created a heavy amount of excitement is the “Crown Me Awkward T-Shirt”.  Royal Dynamite  & The Mis Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl  officially released  the “Crown Me: Awkward” tee-shirt for both men & women this year. “The  “Crown Me: Awkward concept exemplifies the belief that being awkward isn’t just about not fitting into society’s cookie cutter shape, but also means having the confidence to walk to the beat of your own royal drum.”

You can learn more about Royal Dynamite and it’s RDCares initiative at:

An additional note of gratitude  to Royal Dynamite for partnering with Gentlemen Republic to make the 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball a success!

To contact and follow Royal Dynamite Visit:


SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: September/October 2012 Issue

3 Oct

Ladies & Gentlemen! SENSES Lifestyle Magazine is proud to bring you its Fall 2012 Issue! This season has become a period of intellectual, political, and musical change. With that said it’s only proper that we highlight our First Lady; Michelle Obama through TOUCH and the standard of womanhood and power that she has set as the cornerstone for President Barrack Obama during this election year. Has she truly set the tone and redefined what we men look for in a potential helpmate? And for the gentlemen, we have simplified the equation for the stylish sophisticate and taken it back by highlighting vintage clothing through The Fashionista as well as given you a useful guide on making your favorite choice of cologne more than just a designer product but a fragrance that defines you personally through the sense of SMELL.

And seeing as the heat this season will just not subside we’ve doubled-up and provided not only some culinary sexual stimulation through a compiled list of the TOP 10 Aphrodisiacs in TASTE, but Corporate Stimulation vicariously through two beautiful and professional young women; our Exclusive SENSE of the Month Duo featuring models Kamara Brown and Renee Williams.  If you liked last month’s album review, you’ll be eager to check out our Director, Khorry Lewis’ take on Miguel Jontel’s newest project Kaleidoscope Dream for the sense of HEARING. And just because we always like to add a little extra flavor, our newest addition to the writing staff here at Senses Lifestyle; Jason Robinson, provides his wisdom and unique perspective in his debut article Lasting Impressions.

And last but not least, after enjoying a relaxing read of our material be sure to reserve your ticket and join Gentlemen Republic and Senses Lifestyle for an endearing, sophisticated, and dazzling Halloween experience like no other on October 27th, 2012 for our 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball: Unveiling Hidden Truths. You Do Not Want To Miss This!

We Hope You Enjoy!

“Senses Lifestyle…A lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis



TASTE: Top 10 Aphrodisiacs

TOUCH: Michelle Obama: A WOMAN Like Her

SIGHT: Instant Vintage; good style is timeless

HEAR: Miguel Jontel: Kaleidoscope Dream Album Review

SMELL: Gucci, Armani, Polo? What’s Your Personal Statement?


SENSE OF THE MONTH: Renee Williams

S_L Spotlight: The Lovely Dona

S_L Lasting Impressions

THE FASHIONISTA: Vintage Savvy…. Back to the Future

3 Oct

THE FASHIONISTA: Vintage Savvy…. Back to the Future

(Vintage –Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.)


 When thinking of the word vintage the definition above comes to mind, in a fashion sense vintage is a timeless display of artistry through garments. Being that the weather is making a transition we can now apply the layers on and add our own unique touch. For the fall I would like to give a few tips on making a basic garment look and feel vintage savvy.

Vintage Tie Savvy: Now the tie is the most important piece to making any collard shirt look casual, stylish, and appealing to the eye. In the early 1940-1960’s the tie seemed to be worn with every piece of clothing, rather long sleeve or short the tie was a vital piece for the look. Today there are many ties that have made their way back into existence or we can just say relevancy, with certain ties such as the flat wool tie, and the slim silk wool, or cotton tie. These ties are classic yet quality pieces that should be added to any man’s collection,  and are sure to accentuate the diversity in your stylish repertoire.


Double-Breasted Savvy: Looking back at old movies the one thing you will notice is the suits were very slim fitting on gentlemen and probably double-breasted. The double-breasted suit jacket was popular from the mid 1930’s until the late 1950’s then it was brought back to life from the mid 1980’s until the mid 1990’s. Although suits are double-breasted, you can also find cardigans and jackets in this style as well. I guess it is safe to say history has again repeated itself with this distinctive style of fashion.


The classic sneaker savvy: For some, tennis shoes are not an option and to others they are the “go-to “of choice. In the early 1900’s the first classic canvas shoe was designed and worn by many as a casual yet comfortable outlet. This shoe was the world-famous Converse Chuck Taylor.With this shoe being introduced it saved the fashion-infused lives of many people who desired to be stylish yet casual. Today, that classic shoe has been recreated in different forms, name brands, and styles to still bring the classic feel to any garment dressed up or down.

As young gentlemen the canvas shoe speaks words of maturity,  and most of all vintage, we call the canvas shoe the “gentleman sneaker”.

 While getting dressed dare to be different, do not attempt what is being currently done in the social media. Rather be the change and trendsetter for the fashion  which drives you to build your own character or identity. Classic is the new savvy, today is yesterday’s swagger.

Written By: Khorry Lewis

Edited By: J. Thompson