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Senses Lifestyle Magazine: Winter 2013 Issue

3 Feb


Greetings Everyone and Welcome Back! We hope that 2013 has presented you with a fresh start and a clear pathway to making this the best year possible for yourself. Senses Lifestyle Magazine offers you this season with our introductory Winter 2013 issue! This year we have dedicated our purpose to providing you our readers with an expansive outlook on how to further define quality in your lifestyle as well as an inside look on some of the best intellectual, creative, and talented entrepreneurs, music artists, and world changers out in the world today. We want you to help us make this vision of success tailor-made to meet your every need! We hope you enjoy this season’s issue.

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist

Table of Contents:

Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

Touch: Is Being Single The New Norm

Sight: The Fashionista: From Fashion To Functional

Hear: Vinyl Junkie: The Addiction of Vintage Sound

Smell: Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars


The Fashionista: Fashion to Functional

3 Feb

The Fashionista; Fashion to Functional

After having a debate with a fellow gentleman about the essence of the pocket square, I explained how anything with pockets on the chest deserves to be complimented with a savvy pocket fold, not only does it bring out the color on the blazer or vest, but it also helps in the mileage of the suit while changing up the shirt/ tie. Now the pocket square comes in different sizes, textures and prints, although it may seem to be worn with business attire it can be worn casual as well.  The pocket square is a small accessory that when added to an outfit allows men to express themselves and vary their look without any hassle. There aren’t too many accessories that can be worn in so many different ways, for example; the folds on the pocket square can get very creative depending on the material (Cloth, Wool, Silk). A cloth/ wool pocket square can hold as many bends as possible, although silk looks the best because of the texture the folds are limited. For the beginner’s out there here’s a simple fold you may want to utilize on your next outing.

1- Open up the square.

2- Fold it in half, lengthwise.

3- Fold it again, this time from bottom to top.

4- Position the folded square in a diamond shape with the exposed folds at the top corner. Fold what is now the left corner in to the middle of the diamond.

5- Fold what is now the right corner in to slightly overlap the left fold.

6- Fold the bottom corner back so as to expose the preceding two folds.

7- Slide it in the pocket into jacket or vest, adjust occasionally. After mastering this basic technique, folds will become limitless.

By: Khorry Lewis

Senses Lifestyle Magazine: December 2012 Issue

4 Dec


Greetings & Happy Holidays!

2012 is almost at a close, and it has been a joy providing you our readers and supporters with the best knowledge we here at Senses Lifestyle have to offer to make your quality of living that much more diverse and meaningful. This month we’ve included a variety of content including a couple of interesting perspectives on Taste and Touch this holiday season. While this time of year is a joyous period of celebration for some it can come with negative connotations and habits. Taelor Cage explores the question of whether our respective indulgences are furthered as alternative methods to avoid stress through Over Indulging or Just Improvising and shows you how to turn those same vices into positive actions. For those men who find themselves in an emotional thicket when it comes down to holiday shopping and keeping your lover, Danielle White delivers her ideas in Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her to buying the right gift and attaining an even greater return. Looking for the right sweater or jacket to give your family member who’s closet is full of prior season garments? Take a look at Staying Warm for the Holiday Season for stylish suggestions from Khorry Lewis and it doesn’t hurt to create the perfect 1, 2 gift combination with a new, urban look this Winter! And if you’re looking for a new artist to tune your ears to while you trim your tree, Khorry invites you to take a listen to Daley, The British Heart Throb.  We’ve also chosen emerging fashion brand 2wenty5eight clothing as our Fashion Spotlight this season that will have you wearing the dream that you believe in! Should you be looking for that new, inspirational piece of  literature to launch you into the new year, we recommend viewing our 6th Sense  of Quality interview as Senses Lifestyle sits down with 2012 NAACP Image Award recipient and poet, James B. Golden to talk about his brand new book The Inside Of An Orange.

We hope you have enjoyed this year and wish you all the best that life has to offer in the new year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @S_LifestyleMag and Subscribe to our site for all new issues in 2013!

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist


A Quality Moment With The Editor

TASTE: Over Indulging Or Just Improvising

TOUCH: Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her

SIGHT: Staying Warm for the Holiday Season

HEAR: Daley, The British Heart Throb

SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer

S_L Recipes: Get In The Game With BlkHrtAffair: Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

6th Sense Of Quality: James B. Golden

Fashion Spotlight: 2wenty5eight


COVER – Photograph by R.SEE Photography

Edited by Johnathan Moreno

2wenty5eight Clothing

Fashion Spotlight: 2wenty5eight

4 Dec


Whenever the holiday season comes full circle I always enjoy searching for a new, creative product to add to my closet. It brings even more satisfaction to me when I can acquire clothing where the innovative design is synonymous with my personality. 2wenty5eight clothing is no exception to the rule with its urban wear that brings an aesthetic of ambition, vision, and professionalism that stands as the sinew of the brand. It was a beautiful day  in the Los Angeles Arts District with my good friends Brian Bamuhaira and Kenny Oden who are the masterminds of the company. We shared laughs with the models, conversed about the Lakers, and did the best we could in the midst of transition to avoid the abnormal November heat while the sun set on First Street.

photo 3

2wenty5eight….a work ethic, a lifestyle, a culture that speaks for itself.

25.8+Downtown+2012+%28182+of+257-2240762765-O copy

What does 2wenty5eight stand for?

“2wenty5eight is a brand characterized by an affirmation of unwavering efficiency. We are about yielding positive results through effective time management while maximizing productivity and fostering creativity to catch our dreams. Our lifestyle is to simply FIND the extra hour & CREATE the extra day. It is not only a brand but a lifestyle that fosters the belief in working efficiently to find that extra hour’s worth of work that produces an additional day of time in your week. We are in a sense, perfectionists, time managers, economists, activists, organizers, leaders,and vanguards of success. We pay attention to the countless unseen details because we know that is what makes the difference between mediocrity and magnificent. Those who live by this lifestyle are the vanguards of success and self fulfillment, living their lives to their fullest potential.”
photo 1.PNG

Who is your audience?

“We represent a generation of dreamers. Gone are the dull and vapid days of 24/7. This new generation of dreams works far beyond the extent of the clock. The world never stops and neither do we. 2wenty5eight is a brand that encourages us to work towards catching our dreams and making them reality, yet we know how to balance our lives effectively, integrating our professional, social, and moral responsibilities into a grandeur lifestyle. “

25.8+Downtown+2012+%28373+of+356-2240816409-O copy

What products does your brand provide?

“The clothing in itself is a bold expression of the fashion lifestyle and culture. From soft cotton t-Shirts to racer back tank tops, from snap back hats to tri-blend crewneck sweaters and zip up hoodies. Both the crew neck sweaters and zip up hoodies each come with embroidered cross-stitching across the back with either words; Ambitious or Victorious. In the jungle of life we are bombarded with many obstacles in our pursuits of success, however, the individual must remain “ambitious” in order to be “victorious”. A simple equation to reach your dreams. As a result of the ambitious work ethic, victory is almost always inevitable. These are the themes of our dual sets of  products to show that 2wenty5eight has a piece for everyone to express themselves.”
1_IMG959557 copy

Do you have any new designs in the works?

“Coming soon are the “Mind in One Place, Heart in Another” design and the “Victory State” Collection with dual mascots. Be ready to choose your crew.”
“Wear it. Live it. Love. Find & Create….2wenty5eight.”
_MG_8503 - Version 3 copy

The Creed of 2wenty5Eight

In a time of war plagued by complacency and mediocrity, it seems that father time reigns victorious.

Through the hindrance of his pursuit of dreams and aspirations, he extinguishes the flame that ignites the inner soul.

Countless casualties have fallen victim to this historical tyrant.

Yet, there remains tales of mere mortals tapping into vitalities so divine, they rise above the pandemonium forever stamping their mark on history.

The creed of 2wenty5Eight is audacious! Its essence flares during the brightest of days.

Its remnants so powerful, it stains the present, leaving a mark so profound it bleeds through the woven tapestry we call time.

Its bi-product raises the bar everywhere. The aftermath resonates long after the physical and those that triumph creates a space of limitlessness.

Here! Regularities are cheap trinkets of the past. The days are conquered the hours are powerless and the seconds scream for mercy!

Heroes create the extra hour, and the Extra Day!

25.8+Downtown+2012+%28279+of+356-2240788409-O copy


Follow 2wenty5eight On Twitter: @2wenty5eight

Photography: R. See Photography

R.C., also known as “R.See” is not your typical photographer. He has a unique one-of-a-kind approach that captures extraordinary moments that the average person would probably never notice. Although he specializes in shooting families and weddings, we felt that his style and story fits into the 2wenty5eight lifestyle. Be sure to checkout more of this work and others at


Additional Photography: Nick Palmer (X Fortress Photography)

Overview: Provided by Brian D. of 2wenty5eight

Edited By: J. Thompson