Smell: The Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars

3 Feb

Smell: The Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars


Whether it be a political revolutionary, NBA legend, Hip-hop mogul, or even myself as the Chief editor of this publication, there is one vice that cultured and refined men partake in from time to time to unwind and on occasion bring in a celebration…a damn good cigar. The long history and art of cigar smoking and the wealth of knowledge that has followed it can be traced through the tobacco leaf like the lifelines on your palm. The realm of  cigars is a place where the quintessential gentleman who may or may not consider himself to be a regular smoker can become a guru of the leaf like a connoisseur to his scotch. Some may say that smoking is a nasty habit, and that in it’s own right can be substantiated through much medical evidence.

However, those who do indulge still savor the smell of  a prime Nicaraguan or Dominican Robusto or Corona. And for the true aficionados who have the efficient means and pull, the highly sought after Cuban cigar is the smoke of choice.


Contrary to popular belief not all cigars taste as they smell, and not all cigars smell as they taste. There lies a differentiation between the wrapper leaves that encompass the filler and the varying strengths of tobacco within the cigar. Experts will tell you that the darker the wrapper, the sweeter the flavor, and the lighter the wrapper, the less flavor will be garnered. In addition, the part of the tobacco plant where the leaves are grown from, and the soil it is grown in have a significant effect on the flavor of the blend.


tumblr_ltqpjzhxlf1r4nooho1_500A practice among cigar smokers is the classic pass beneath the nose. Through this one can identify the full-bodied cigar that will offer an elongated experience from the milder, smoother cigar that may provide a quick, enjoyable smoke for on-the-go. Over the past year, I’ve grown accustomed to sharing a Churchill or on occasion a luxurious Toro with business associates and friends, and so here is a brief list of my personal Top 5 cigars that exhume the best scent over good conversation and libations. Helpful Tip: A seasoned smoker always has a lighter on hand, and a cutter in the breast pocket

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J. Thompson

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