SIGHT: Staying Warm This Holiday Season!

4 Dec


When it comes to Christmas and holiday parties, we always think of that one person who has worn the horrible holiday sweater, and you may think to yourself that they are just trying to stay warm as you giggle quietly. Here is the tip, a sweater is our best friend during the holiday and winter season. I only say this because they come in so many different styles, colors and textures to fit our personal swag along with keeping us warm. Here are some pretty nifty sweaters and different styles to add to your “Bill Cosby repertoire”.

The V-Neck Sweater
: This sweater holds the purpose for business and play, meaning it can be worn in a business casual working environment, along with being a vital piece of your everyday fashion. The V- Neck serves as the go-to for sweater etiquette.

The Jumper Cardigan
: Adding a little bit of extra warmth and style to a once plain and simple button down sweater, the jumper cardigan can be seen as the European sweater of choice. Made to fit the tone of the body and built to last. Personally I find the Jumper cardigan to be the most effective in style and keeping you comfortable.

The Classic Cardigan
: And then we have the classic cardigan. We were introduced to this through weekday mornings with Mr. Rogers. This sweater serves as the classic look that can be dressed up or down. The cardigan can be worn with a button up dress shirt or a t-shirt or even with a v-neck underneath. Its sole purpose is comfort not necessarily for warmth.


The Double-Breasted Cardigan: Now this sweater has the asset of warmth and style, being that the cut is double breasted, meaning the buttons overlap. It has the option of being worn to stay warm. Similar to the classic cardigan this can be worn dressed up or down.

Written By: Khorry Lewis


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