TOUCH: Cuffing Season 101

2 Nov

Cuffing Season 101

    The affair that you had over the past 3 months has now come to bitter-sweet end, and the weather is becoming colder, that can only mean one thing, “cuffing season” is amongst us. No, I am not referring to a time of the year when there is an increase in arrests; it’s the time when you hang up your players’ card for the next several months in hopes of finding someone to spend your cold nights with. You may not realize it, or have even heard of the term before, however it is something that actually happens every year around this time. Look around your circle of friends, those who were wildin’ out this summer has found someone to be coupled up with or someone they are “kickin’ it” with. This season is one of the most overlooked out of them all, but it is indeed a season that begins in October and ends in March.

Everybody wants some booty, I mean somebody, and there is nothing wrong with wanting company during the cold season, and quite frankly that is the time that most people tend to get into relationships the most. It can be the start to a long-lasting relationship, or just a fun time with great benefits. No matter what it may turn out to be, it always starts off as being one thing and one thing only: sex. Let’s face it; most people don’t go looking to fall in love as much as they go looking to fall into bed with someone. Yes the cold, accompanied by a warm body and some lovin’ is the perfect recipe for winter; however, there are rules to be followed:


I shouldn’t even have to remind you to be upfront and honest about your intentions, but in case you forgot here it is: If you are not looking to get into a committed relationship and just want someone to hang out with while you still date other people, let that person know what it is. Give them the choice to agree or get the heck out of there!

  1. Avoid Attachment

Keep everything light and don’t get serious. I purpose a 2 night rule; don’t stay over more than 2 nights in a week it will definitely lead to attachment. If you start hanging out every day, staying the night, talking on the phone all the time, and always trying to stay up to date on their every social media post, you need to stop.

  1. Leave the Exes Alone

I know we all have those exes that come creeping back during certain times of the year, if “cuffing season” seems to be that time, keep it moving. You have been there done that and know exactly how that’s going to end.

  1. Bet Smart

You should always practice safe sex, and “cuffing season”  is no excuse to go crazy. So keep it wrapped up!

  1. Have fun

We are in our prime, and there is no better time than now to have fun getting to know someone and not put too much pressure on a situation. Build memories and have fun.

To The Reader: What are your thoughts on “cuffing season” ?

Written By: Danielle White


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