TASTE: A Pleasant Face With Amazing Taste

2 Nov

A Pleasant Face With Amazing Taste

Wine that’s affordable and delicious

Amazing people talk about their ideas, average people talk about things they’ve done in life, but people with great taste talk about wine. Parallel to other great things in life, wine ranges in value along with it’s sophisticated essence. Some individuals prefer hard liquor to wine simply because hard liquor can be cheaper and it get’s straight to the point if you will. On the other hand the majority of people who crave a glass of wine believe it is more expensive in comparison to your vodkas and spirits. In fact wine is one of the most affordable alcoholic beverages that can indeed satisfy your taste buds.

Selecting a nice yet affordable bottle wine can be a daunting to a person who has know clue to what they want. Lambrusco is a sweet carbonated wine, its best known for its comparable taste to a mixture of lemon-lime and fruit punch soda. This bottle of wine can be picked up for just seven dollars.  There is also Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvignon, this bottle of wine is sweet and slightly dry taste and can be purchased at $2.99 a bottle. St. Chateau Michelle (Gewurztraminer) wine is another fine choice to drink because of its fruity, yet floral quality of taste. This popular purchase starts off at only $10 a bottle.

   In addition to this, a bottle of Oak Creek Cabernet Sauvignon from Oak Creek Vineyards in California goes for the “low, low” price of only  $3.34 a bottle. And if you’re absolutely screaming for something fruity then this wine is just for you. It carries a powerful taste bursting of cranberry and hinting of clove flavors. The A to Z 2008 Pinot Gris bottle of wine is sold for just $13 and provides the flavors of green apple, pear, and quince spiked with lime zest and garnished with blossoms. I suggest checking with your local stores to purchase your very own bottle for your collection at home. Remember, looks can be deceiving when it comes to acquiring the best taste possible.  So before you spend $30 on a bottle of wine just to say you did it, first check out the economically-friendly bottle, who knows your taste buds might just fall in love.

Written By: Taelor Cage


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