SMELL: The Power of the Scented Wax

2 Nov

The Power of the Scented Wax


These past few months have been grand as we’ve focused on the necessity and pertinence of smelling your best. And just like we must incorporate a distinguished and cultured sense of personal preferences for fragrances for ourselves, the same applies to our living quarters. Our homes should be groomed as we are  and naturally as men we prefer to be clean-cut and well put together to set us apart from the rest of the pack. Our personal domain, our dojo if we will is a distinct reflection of our personality; So why not have our apartments, homes, condos, and/or lofts smell and look just as good? I’ve found that incense is too much of a hassle and at times can be overpowering, but candles are a perfect touch to a long-lasting emanation of fragrance for your fragrance. I know you’re probably thinking that candles are in a sense too feminine to have in the home, you’ve seen them at your mother’s or grandmother’s house and smelled the potpourri and floral medleys and at this point are sick of it. You need not to worry, as there are a number of scents to choose from for the areas of your home.

The Living Room

The living room is the first room that a person enters and when you’re not cooking in the kitchen it’s always a good thing to let the room breathe if the two sections are connected. I personally like the area of my apartment to give a warm sensation through the nostrils, and so any type of candle with cinnamon and brown sugar is a strong, delightful yet not an overpowering scent. Yes, as you can see you can delve far away from the floral scents that seem to dominate the candle inventory at your local store. It is also a good idea to layer smells that you believe go well together, this will require some trial and error, but once you’ve found your fragrant composition you are good to go.

Establish A Scented Flow

Creating a cohesive flow of scents from the living room to your personal bedroom are also a unique and noticeable way of  making an innovative statement of your attention to detail. What you don’t want is to have your front room smelling of warm sugar cookies and the latter part of your home smelling of morning dew and pinecones, IT DOESN’T WORK.So pick candles that you know have scents that mesh well together and formulate an engaging, enjoyable, yet not overpowering blend that you and any potential guests can enjoy.

The Bathroom

A man’s bathroom should always smell fresh and look up to par. It is not in good taste to have great appeal in your personality and your character to your female guests, but the condition of the “throne room” has disgusting slob written all over it. So fellas, let’s get it together shall we? After you have given your bathroom a thorough cleaning, feel free to light a candle or two that smell of fresh rain, perhaps warm vanilla, or even the Japanese scent of sandalwood. Whatever your preference is make sure that it is a fragrance that can keep that area smelling good even before and after the “seat” is utilized.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and comfort, so naturally you should want it to smell that way correct? Considering every male’s snack area and laundry corner it’s  important that anyone who comes into your bedroom not see it and most certainly not smell it. Whenever I clean I want my room to feel so fresh and so clean if you will, so I utilize the smell of lavender to disperse within the atmosphere. It’s believed that lavender naturally relaxes the muscles and slows the body’s heart rate and blood pressure. You will always find this scent within your local spas, maybe that’s why they use it so much? Citrus is also a very straightforward choice that will give your room energy and enhance your mood, I suggest small portions and nothing too heavy again so as to not overdo it.

Written By: J. Thompson


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