SIGHT: The Top 10 Stylish, Professional Athletes

2 Nov

The Fashionista: The Top 10 Stylish, Professional Athletes

What does the airport arrival, pre-game entry, and post game interview all have in common? I’ll tell you, it exposes our favorite athletes wardrobes and even the fastest pitch, quickest runner, hardest hitter, and smoothest jump shot cannot save some of the threads we have seen some athletes wear, and that is why we are focusing on the cleanest, stylish, professional athletes of today.

10. Victor Cruz

The NFL’S New York Giants star can be seen doing the salsa in the end zone, he brings urban style clashed with sophisticated savvy to each wardrobe… Mr. Cruz definitely earned this spot.


9. Matt Kemp

 Mr. Kemp has to be Major League Baseball’s smoothest outfielder, playing in the city of angels he is far from the average fitted cap- tobacco spitting big leaguer, Mr. Kemp performs off and on the field displaying confidence along with creative style.

8. Larry Fitzgerald

Being a wide receiver in the NFL comes with a price, not only are you the most recognized position (outside of the quarter back & running back) but also you are a vital piece to the offense. Fitzgerald although not the flashiest player he holds a confident yet gentlemen quality, as seen in his wardrobes he displays class, elegance, and a quite cockiness that can be seen as grown man savvy.

7. Lebron James

Now Lebron came a long way from his Cleveland Cavalier days wearing huge oversized throw back jerseys attached with bling, with the move to Miami he now takes a classier/urban sophisticated approach. Being in a state where parties, fashion, and nightlife are a common trend “Bron Bron” found his way to fit in to the fashion loop.

6. Derek Jeter

Similar to Los Angeles, being an athlete or even better yet…the BEST athlete in the state you have to be fashionably presentable. Jeter brings tons of savvy with his mellow soft-spoken attitude along with a comfortable classy appeal. Doesn’t Jeter just look comfortable in his own skin!


5. Chad Ocho Cinco

Chad Johnson is very fashionable, he is what we call a late bloomer in the fashion scene, making the proper transitions in his tailoring and appearance has definitely marked a spot for him in the top 5.


4. Dwight Howard

One of the most impressive, not because of his talents but because his stature and consistency we see with his wardrobe. Dwight gets a hi-five for the effort and creativity he puts into his tailoring, innovation and confidence wearing it. In the words of Bill Walton, “Throw it dooooown big maaan!”


3. David Beckham

David Beckham just has it, when someone just “has it” it means they are truly a showstopper when they are present. Being one of the greatest Soccer players to play the game and a fashion guru, Beckham displays a convinced swagger similar to a male model in his effortless style.


2. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an American Quarter Back for the New England Patriots, and he might as well have a side job as a heart-throb/ swag coach, similar to Will Smith in “Hitch”. Brady is the epitome of what European fashion is about, great tailoring, slim cut suits, and daring creative risks. Pay attention to Tom Brady, he is the definition of the man making the clothes and not the clothes making the man.


#1. Dwayne Wade

Here we are, finally we made it to the #1 best dressed professional athlete. D-Wade, Flash, or what ever you want to call him you cannot call him tacky. Wade displays a numerous amount of styles, trends, and wears them all with confidence. Not only does Wade have the rings, the beautiful lady, and a state that bleeds the #3, but he has the attitude of a true gentleman, along with a wardrobe to turn the heads of many. Watching a Dwayne Wade post-game interview is always exciting, we never know what combinations he will put together.

Written By: Khorry Lewis


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