Powerhouse Designers: Meet Royal Dynamite

2 Nov

Powerhouse Designers: Meet Royal Dynamite

From the creative minds of co-founders Cecil “Valentine” Williams and Ralph “Ralph Deisel” Saye, Royal Dynamite has become a powerhouse of a fashion line promoting creativity, innovation, and collaborative philanthropy.

Royal Dynamite is a t-shirt line that prides itself in the idea of “Collaborative Style for Awareness” which can best be described as partnerships with other businesses, brands, and artists to support educational awareness via the RDCares Program. RDCares is a One-for-One initiative through which Royal Dynamite will donate an educational package (bag, notebook, pencil, eraser, and sharpener) to a school-aged child in need, for every t-shirt sold.

Since its inception in August of 2010, Royal Dynamite has generated over 20,000 visitors, more than 7,000 twitter followers, and sold over 1,500 t-shirts, and that is only a fraction of the success garnered from the track record of success and service.

The most recent addition to the clothing line which has created a heavy amount of excitement is the “Crown Me Awkward T-Shirt”.  Royal Dynamite  & The Mis Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl  officially released  the “Crown Me: Awkward” tee-shirt for both men & women this year. “The  “Crown Me: Awkward concept exemplifies the belief that being awkward isn’t just about not fitting into society’s cookie cutter shape, but also means having the confidence to walk to the beat of your own royal drum.”

You can learn more about Royal Dynamite and it’s RDCares initiative at: http://royaldynamite.com

An additional note of gratitude  to Royal Dynamite for partnering with Gentlemen Republic to make the 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball a success!

To contact and follow Royal Dynamite Visit:




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