An Evening With Bolaji Qudus

2 Nov

An Evening With Bolaji Qudus

This past month, myself and a couple of members of the writing staff had the pleasure of hosting a private, and intimate event at the Delfina Citta Restuarant in Beverly Hills, CA for author Bolaji Tijani-Qudus along with our good friend Miss Dunnie O and Ethno Nightlife. Bolaji Tijani-Qudus  hails from the San Francisco Bay area, California and has just released his first new riveting and dramatic novel entitled WTF Moment. On its face the average reader would anticipate that the expressive title means exactly what it says, but in fact according to the Bay area novelist, there is an underlying meaning that can only be found in the pages of the text. This intellectual read delves into the arena of relationships, love, and sex and wraps it arond the male perspective. Touching on heavy and explicit issues such as divorce and infidelity, Bolaji’s book is definitely only for the emotionally mature and open-minded reader. In addition to this, the author has also put his new publication into audio format for readers to  audibly feel and engage themselves in the stories within the pages. We were privileged enough to get an exclusive listen to several audio segments and express our thoughts on what we had heard. Bolaji Qudus also anticipates releasing a series of cinematic episodes for WTF Moment throughout the social media circuit. As a collector of great literature this is one novel I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this Winter. Be on the lookout for an official editorial review of WTF Moment in our December issue this year!

— Joshua Thompson, Editor-In-Chief

Here’s A Few Pictures From The Event!

Media Coverage By Ethno Nightlife

About the Novel:

Devin Lewis is trying to piece his life together as he reels from a recent separation that is inevitably headed for divorce. As Devin tries to sort his life out, he helps his close buddies work through their own equally tricky situations—Brandon finds out that his wife of fifteen years has been dabbling on the side with another woman, and Chris’s picture-perfect marriage and faith is tested. The only thing certain is their friendship as the men navigate through a mirage of dating disasters, steamy encounters, comedic interludes, and serious conversations.

Despite his good looks and charm, Devin realizes that starting over isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Then, when it seems as though love isn’t in the cards for Devin, he finds companionship and uncanny chemistry in the least likely of places. At last, Devin’s new acquaintance may just bring him the peace of mind he’s been longing for, or perhaps he is headed for another disappointment…

WTF Moment takes you through the mind of today’s men as they spill their thoughts and perspectives on sex, love and relationships.

To Find More Info On WTF Moment & How To Purchase The Book Visit:

Follow author Bolaji Qudus on Twitter @Bolajiqudud


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