A Quality Moment With The Editor

2 Nov

“Confidence, Class, Commitment are the Markings of Success”


This past week, I had the pleasure of hosting the first installment of what I hope to be many sessions of  what I would call my brainchild, The Y.T.G, “Young, True Gentleman” Collegiate Workshop at California State University, Northridge. In this workshop I shared with those in attendance my perspective on the evolution of the quintessential gentleman and his impact in today’s society. Understanding the necessity of understanding proper decorum to professionalism in the workplace and useful self-marketing techniques are only a fraction of the elements that are utilized by the contemporary gentleman today. And a gentleman who is true to himself as an individual and his occupation is cognoscente of this in his daily life. While this workshop was promoted for young males, a number of female students also came to partake in the distribution of intellectual wealth that evening.

If there is anything I have observed in this final episode of my undergraduate career it is that life is hitting more individuals than individuals are hitting life. Why is this? Is it because we have become conditioned to believe that our degrees will be our instant ticket to obtaining status, a high-end job, and overall sustainability? Most certainly, our conferred degrees are essential into ENTERING into the population of our respective, competitive industries, but what is it that will allow us to SURVIVE and eventually SUCCEED? Experience is the best, yet the hardest teacher the world has to offer, but how you prepare for the lesson is the key.

The most successful people in today’s society are given this title due to the establishment of wealth and importance they have built for themselves. Now while financial girth is a clear and present attribute, if you evaluate the individual’s work ethic and discipline you will find that along with the heavy pockets, confidence, class, and commitment are the markings of success. These three values are what truly separate the talented from the skilled and what precedes the reputation of the quality mondern-day professional. Without the existence of unwavering confidence in yourself, nobody would even fathom that the pinnacle that you want to reach is possible. To doubt yourself and your abilities will only delay your opportunity to work towards that goal, but by displaying confidence in yourself the level of your work ethic increases. When your work ethic becomes sound your self-discipline begins to come into focus, and your commitment to that goal or that dream follows suit. There is always that one person that is pressing toward the mark just a bit harder than the next person, so you have to ask yourself is that person you?

With all that we choose to endeavor in, it is important to always have class and dignity and a well-rounded rapport with those who we interact with. The people that we least expect are the same ones applying the most attention to our actions and behaviors. It does not do one justice to have a great record on paper, but his or her relationships have no foundation or positive substance. These are the lessons of quality living that can transform the culture of our generation and generations to come if we apply and teach others. I encourage everyone who is a supporter of Senses Lifestyle Magazine to continue to follow us as we pave a path for trendsetters, entrepreneurs, and intellectual connoisseurs. We will strive to put you on the right course to quality living for a better future.



Joshua Thompson


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