6th Sense Of Quality: BlkHrt Affair Gourmet Cuisine

2 Nov

6th Sense Of Quality: BlkHrt Affair Gourmet Cuisine

Welcome to SENSES Lifestyle’s 6th Sense of Quality, where in select issues we highlight distinct and unique individuals who exemplify and define the word in their own special way. Whether it be through the arts, politics, entertainment, or in this case, food, the aesthetic of quality living and how to access it is always present. Being that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away it was only right that we prepare and appease your stomach through a bit of so-called “food porn”.

SENSES Lifestyle sat down with the culinary masterminds of BlkHrt Affair Catering and discussed the business of high-end catering, misconceptions of cooking, and what their ideal Thanksgiving would look like.

Brian Bamuhaira & Kathleen O’brien Price are the dynamic duo behind their brand. Brian serves as the manager/cook, and Kathleen is the Master Chef. I sat down with these two at Gaby’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Los Angeles on a cool night sharing laughs, talking politics, and one of my favorite social rituals, smoking hookah. From the way both partners interacted and vibed with another as we conversed, I could have sworn they had been working together for years. It turns out they both have been cooking professionally for about 4 years and officially ascertained their LLC status in May of this year. From their experiences in catering high-end events both Brian and Kathleen saw promise, potential, and profit into going into business for themselves. With their adamancy for providing professional service and delicious food to high-end clientele the concept of “heart-filled black tie catering” transpired into what is now BlkHrt Affair Gourmet Cuisine Catering.

What’s Your favorite dish?

Kathleen: A Banana-Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich with a Rum-Caramel Glaze

Brian: It’s funny (laughs)…I really don’t have a favorite dish.

How do you determine what menu to generate for an event?

We generally have a consultation with the client and allow them to determine what they’d like to have served. Our menus are very event-specific so we allow our client to sample the dishes and we rely on their reactions to create the best menu possible.

What are some common misconceptions of cooking?

Brian: The belief that it’s too hard. It’s not that difficult, but more so an intuitive process that takes trial and error. You have to work with what you have.

What’s the best type of food for a date night?

Kathleen: Nothing too messy. I’d suggest small, but filling hors d’oeuvres such as mini salmon cakes, filet mignon skewers with a light red wine sauce, and a sweet potato quiche.

Do you have any secrets you’d like to share?

Brian: Strawberries and baking soda make for an excellent teach whitener (laughs), really it does I don’t know why, but it works.

Kathleen: I can tell you how to prepare honey chicken with a smoked-mustard glaze with crushed potatoes, but only thing is I won’t tell you where to get the smoked mustard that’s the real secret.

Below is just a visual collection of Brian and Kathleen’s signature dishes, some of which they prefer for their personal holiday dinner!

To contact BlkHrt Affair for your next event:


Twitter: @blkhrtaffair

By: Joshua Thompson

Photography: BlkHrt Affair Gourmet Cuisine


One Response to “6th Sense Of Quality: BlkHrt Affair Gourmet Cuisine”

  1. Glenn Zardes November 2, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    Great article and business highlight. I had the pleasure of having a few entrée’s and the food waa amazing!! They will be catering my next event.

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