TOUCH: Michelle Obama: A Woman Like Her

3 Oct

Michelle Obama: A Woman like Her

At this year’s Democratic National Convention, for the re-election of President Obama, one of the primary, and most moving speakers was First Lady; Mrs. Michelle Obama. There is so much elegance in just saying her name, and so much more in her presence. Our First Lady, since her husband’s run for presidency in 2008, has always stood as a strong force in his campaign.  She has represented the Obama family to the highest degree and has won over the hearts of many American families and inspired young women everywhere. As she stepped onto the stage at the DNC, she was received with a roar of applause for   all that  she is and all that she stands for as a mother, woman, wife, and how she represents this great nation.

I have heard from many men over the years, during the Obama’s residence in the White House, how they wish to have a woman like the First Lady. There is no question about it; Michelle Obama is an outstanding woman with great qualities. The question is however, what makes up those qualities in a woman and how she and the President have been able to be such an exemplary model for everyday relationships?

Growing up, Mrs. Obama’s mother was full-time homemaker and her father worked to support the family.  Her family spent much time together and attended church on Sundays. Michelle Obama grew up grounded and knew that hard work was rewarded. Her family was not rich and her father went over and beyond to support his family. Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and minor in African-American studies in 1985. She later went on to earn her Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree from Harvard Law School. In 2008, she became an honorary member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc..  Michelle, unlike other First Ladies of the past carries a charisma about her that people are drawn to. It is easy to say that she most certainly makes the POTUS look good. She has always been proactive in the community, a support system for her daughters and husband, all while looking great!

Barack and Michelle Obama met at Sidley Austin law firm where she was assigned as his mentor. Their relationship began professionally and ended personally. Although we are merely looking at their relationship from the outside, what we can see from this example is a woman supporting without reservation. Having had a full-time career prior to her husband’s campaign for presidency, once President Obama had been elected as a presidential candidate she reduced her professional responsibilities by 80 percent to support his campaign. Where Obama could not be, she was there on his behalf; when he needed her, she was there having his back.

The key to finding someone who compliments you is not about finding someone who’s already at the top of their game, it’s about taking the journey with one another and finding out what works and what doesn’t.  What draws many people into the Obama’s relationship is that you can visually see the love they have for one another. They way the President looks into his wife’s eyes and the way Michelle looks back with admiration. It all looks great doesn’t it? Clearly we can see that this type of relationship is not out of reach.  I always say I want someone whose ambition is matched with mines or greater, that way they will push me to higher levels of expectation and achievement.

   You don’t want to have to encourage someone to go out and do something positive for themselves, trust me it’s too much work! Also, finding someone who supports you, but can keep it real about their level of comfort and even on your worst days still sees the potential in you and pushes you beyond your mental limitations is the ideal partner. In essence, having that “Michelle Obama” female to hold you down is really having someone to support, love, and uplift you. And for the gentlemen out there exemplifying the “Barrack” aesthetic is not only being charming, kind, but extremely ambitious, and what woman wouldn’t love that?!

Take a moment to reflect. Can you name a couple that you look up to and wish to share their similar ideals in your relationship? If so, Why?

What if any are those qualities, and how can you build on those with your significant other?

Written By: Danielle White


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