THE FASHIONISTA: Vintage Savvy…. Back to the Future

3 Oct

THE FASHIONISTA: Vintage Savvy…. Back to the Future

(Vintage –Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.)


 When thinking of the word vintage the definition above comes to mind, in a fashion sense vintage is a timeless display of artistry through garments. Being that the weather is making a transition we can now apply the layers on and add our own unique touch. For the fall I would like to give a few tips on making a basic garment look and feel vintage savvy.

Vintage Tie Savvy: Now the tie is the most important piece to making any collard shirt look casual, stylish, and appealing to the eye. In the early 1940-1960’s the tie seemed to be worn with every piece of clothing, rather long sleeve or short the tie was a vital piece for the look. Today there are many ties that have made their way back into existence or we can just say relevancy, with certain ties such as the flat wool tie, and the slim silk wool, or cotton tie. These ties are classic yet quality pieces that should be added to any man’s collection,  and are sure to accentuate the diversity in your stylish repertoire.


Double-Breasted Savvy: Looking back at old movies the one thing you will notice is the suits were very slim fitting on gentlemen and probably double-breasted. The double-breasted suit jacket was popular from the mid 1930’s until the late 1950’s then it was brought back to life from the mid 1980’s until the mid 1990’s. Although suits are double-breasted, you can also find cardigans and jackets in this style as well. I guess it is safe to say history has again repeated itself with this distinctive style of fashion.


The classic sneaker savvy: For some, tennis shoes are not an option and to others they are the “go-to “of choice. In the early 1900’s the first classic canvas shoe was designed and worn by many as a casual yet comfortable outlet. This shoe was the world-famous Converse Chuck Taylor.With this shoe being introduced it saved the fashion-infused lives of many people who desired to be stylish yet casual. Today, that classic shoe has been recreated in different forms, name brands, and styles to still bring the classic feel to any garment dressed up or down.

As young gentlemen the canvas shoe speaks words of maturity,  and most of all vintage, we call the canvas shoe the “gentleman sneaker”.

 While getting dressed dare to be different, do not attempt what is being currently done in the social media. Rather be the change and trendsetter for the fashion  which drives you to build your own character or identity. Classic is the new savvy, today is yesterday’s swagger.

Written By: Khorry Lewis

Edited By: J. Thompson


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