TASTE: The Top 10 Aphrodisiatic Foods

3 Oct

Top 10 Aphrodisiacs

“These foods will get your blood flowing, sex steamy, and appetite filled”

   Many of us have heard love can make you do crazy things, but have you ever heard of food that makes you long for and crave uninhibited, hot, amazing sex?   DISCLAIMER the following content may increase sexual activity among you and your partner!!! Side Effects may include but are not limited to an increase in libido, heightened sense of sexual tension, and unexpected erotic, sensual, and naughty thoughts! (If you have to take 5 before indulging in this read do so now)

Food can stimulate our bodies in ways that are a bit..let’s say baffling.  Have you ever wondered why after taking a bite of something why you instantly feel infused with sensuality and passion? Well the answer to your question is simple; in every distinct food there are specific chemicals and nutrients that increase a person’s sexual appetite.  Several of these foods affect your energy levels, hormones, and even brain chemistry.

The term “Aphrodisiac” is best defined by Webster as “an agent (as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire”. Whether you realize it or not our bodies digest food that stimulates a natural, healthy, and safe sex drive. Our body urges for a distinct flavor and  taste that arouses our sexual desires that we have yet to discover.

After diligent research, here are the top ten foods that are best known for their sexual allure and nutritional benefits:

#1 Honey:  Honey contains a mineral that is best known for promoting a sex drive in both men and women. It’s sweet and sticky texture can go well drizzled over any dessert and is not limited to the body parts in which it can be applied. So if you happen to have that “friendly bear” in your cabinet feel free to transfer this delectable nectar from your kitchen to your nightstand for an innovative and invigorating experience.

#2 Oysters: For the sexually indulgent this shellfish is known all to well as a precursor to sex. The zinc content of oysters is quite high and works out in the favor of males as it helps produce sperm in and increases their sexual drive. Oysters are best served when accompanied with a glass of Champagne. Try this duo out to kickoff that special evening or a seclusive nightcap.

#3 Garlic: Although you may think it keeps the Vampires away this food actually increases the blood flow in men, and it just may have it flowing in the right “area”. Just make sure a mint is near by to get that breath right for when things start to get spicy.

#4 Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the purest forms of Aphrodisiacs It’s nicknamed the “love chemical” which exerts a drug called dopamine to the brain that peaks during an orgasm. Chocolate can be served as a desert melted, frozen, and is a great finisher for after dinner.

#5 Banana: Besides it’s apparent physical likeness and shape to the male member this fruit actually contains minerals that enhances the male libido. In some areas bananas are served fried for dinner with a choice of meat or a side. My suggestion is to double-up and seductively entice your partner by serving chocolate covered bananas as a dessert.


#6 Asparagus: I know what you’re thinking..what?? Asparagus happens to be one of the greatest sources of potassium and other vitamins. If you like having it as a side dish you’ll like knowing that it boosts the ability of either partner to reach an orgasm during sex. So if he’s not getting you there ladies, hit the crisper in the fridge and eat a few stalks.

#7 Almonds: The aroma of almonds arouses a passion in females, not to mention it also provides high doses of vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber.

#8 Cherries: Long before cherries were associated with a woman’s virginity they were always revered as a symbol of sexual desire. Naturally the color red is the color of power, vitality, the visual spark to that sexual charge.

#9  Basil: Basil contains an alluring aroma that promotes circulation in the body. It can be served in salad or as decoration to the main dish.








#10 Eggs: Psychologically, when we think of any type of egg it references the reproductive system. Eggs are high in B6 and B5 and increase the libido during sex and can also balance out hormone levels.

Ok boys and girls I hope you enjoy and have fun, remember every body is different and not every food will be to you or your partner’s liking, but experimentation with these foods and others can lead to great implementation in the privacy of your home and pleasurable unpredictability.

Written By: Taelor Cage

Edited By: J. Thompson


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