SMELL: Gucci, Armani, POLO? What’s Your PERSONAL Statement

3 Oct

SMELL: Gucci, Armani, POLO? What’s Your PERSONAL Statement

“Every man shall not smell the same in a room full of people, the man who smells great is the man who WEARS the fragrance, the fragrance is not wearing him.”

Welcome Back Gents! Over the past few months I have diligently sought out different methods of simplifying the ambiguous and complex nature of this unique sense. More importantly, its relationship to the variety of cologne ts, skin fresheners, and oils and our access as aspiring connoisseurs. I came to the conclusion that in order for one to be considered a connoisseur one must understand what the essence and purpose of a fragrance is and treat it as a personal statement that accentuates and precedes his decorum.

A personal scent in and of itself can affect your mood and the way you view yourself as an individual. Not only does it directly impact your brain intellectually, but serves as a direct conduit to your emotions thus feeling and the impression it makes on you or another become synonymous. Much like a personal statement, your fragrance of choice is a form of expressing your style, interpretation, as well as your attention to detail all in one package. And while a specific fragrance may smell good on another, it may not be the same for you. Just because it’s Gucci or Armani does not mean you’re meant to wear it. And if you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’ per se because the next gentlemen received a compliment, you’ve only subjected yourself to being another follower not a trendsetter.

This is all the more reason to extensively study and experiment through trial and error during the process of creating your personal scent wardrobe. Just like the array of fabrics, colors, and patterns that are within our garments so is the same for our fragrance collections. They are more than just luxury products but extensions of our fashion sense as well. So I urge you to find your personal scent, you may discover it by accident or you may already know what it is, however you discover it wear it proudly. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to assist you in your search:

What Is Fragrance?

§  An invisible accessory

§  An extension of fashion

§  A magnifying glass able to enlarge and clarify style – it magnifies elements of nature.

Til’ Next Time…

Written By:

J. Thompson


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