HEAR: Miguel Jontel: Kaleidoscope Dream Album Review

3 Oct

HEAR: Miguel Jontel: Kaleidoscope Dream Album Review

  Kaleidoscope Dream is the follow-up album to Miguel’s 2010 All I Want Is You. Miguel is a true artist that displays his artistry through fashion, style, and of course his creative, soulful genius. Despite the negative reviews the previous album received, Kaleidoscope Dream shows Miguel’s growth in music from start to finish. With singles like Adorn and Do You he brings R&B flavor and guitar soul showing pure diversity in his vocal range, tone, and tempo.

Assisting with songs like Use Me gives the album a well-set tempo that can be considered electro-soul and rock, similar to a new aged Prince album if you will. The live instruments from the key board to the electric and bass guitar can be heard on the album making this quite an original LP. Listening to this album you can easily get the sense that Miguel was enjoying himself as if he were in a garage with band members zoning out to his own music. There is truly nothing like hearing music that even the artist is enjoying through each heart-felt track.

The album is set to come out October 3rd 2012.

Tracks to look out for on the album; The Thrill, Arch & Point, Pussy Is Mine.

Official album track list

1. Adorn
2. Don’t Look Back
3. Use Me
4. Do You…
5. Kaleidoscope Dream
6. The Thrill
7. How Many Drinks?
8. Where’s The Fun In Forever
9. Arch & Point
10. Pussy Is Mine
11. Candles In The Sun


Written By: Khorry Lewis


One Response to “HEAR: Miguel Jontel: Kaleidoscope Dream Album Review”

  1. shimaree85 October 3, 2012 at 4:27 am #

    Use Me, Where is the fun forever, Arch and Point, How many drinks?, Candels in the sun, Of Course Adorn…..you know what? The whole album is beyond the “Good Feel”…You can play the album from beginning to end…great review! Enjoy “Kaleidoscope Dream !”

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