Who Are The Extraordinary Gentlemen?

2 Sep

Who Are The Extraordinary Gentlemen?

If there are two things that I extensively dedicate my energy into it is music, and the constant pursuit of  creatively studying and exhibiting the art of the 21st Century Gentleman. Surprisingly enough, Producer-duo Mychal Sanford and Ryan Villalobos have done just that in their artistry. Known as the Extraordinary Gentlemen, these two young artists starting out as childhood friends with humble and respectful beginning have created a team that is not only being recognized for their music but their value and dedication to changing the image of the everyday industry professional and exemplifying what it means to be a man of faith, class, and sophistication. SENSES Lifestyle took the time to sit down with Mychal ‘M.Easy’ Sanford; 1/2 of Extraordinary Gentlemen to learn more about his background,  passion for music, and his plans for the future.

Born and raised in Torrance, 25 year Mychal Sanford is a jack of all trades as an engineer, song-writer, model, and philanthropist. Hailing from the Inland Empire, Mychal became immersed into music at an early age listening to the sounds of Maxwell, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and others. “My parents always had music playing in the home, and I believe that’s the reason why I have an ‘old soul’ haha. I listen to all kinds of genres though, from Kanye West, Prince, Dr. Dre, to old school artists like Quincy Jones.”

Being raised in a structured home with  parents that set a standard of respect and excellence to live by, both he and Ryan were instilled with the values of respect of women, class, and courtesy. Due to their synonymous backgrounds, belief, and passions they reached  the conclusion that there was a small amount of men who carried the gentlemen aspect in high regard within the music industry. From that day forward they labeled themselves as the Extraordinary Gentlemen, committed to the purpose of achieving and being exactly that.

During his youth Mychal played football for the majority of his years but soon found himself at a crossroads. ” I was more focused on football than producing music and I started meeting individuals that encouraged me to pursue my music. My parents always taught me that words were powerful, I was fearful at first, but eventually decided to pursue producing.”

For the past seven years Mychal has produced alongside longtime friend Ryan “Flaco Fly” Villalobos and produced nearly 5000 songs for both West and East Coast artists including R&B artist The Dream, and Bridgette Kelly. As his ears have become more advanced so has his sampling and production projects spanning from R&B to Rock and Pop music.

When asking him about his opinions on the industry as it stands today, Mychal stated, “The industry is missing, truth, substance, morals, and authenticity. Because of my strong relationship with God, I feel obligated to carry myself in an upright manner that will make the people around me better. I believe there is quality in truth, and whatever field you are in at the highest echelon exhibit excellence no matter what. Keep God first, because with him everything is possible. Say what you want to see and live it.”

Lastly, we asked Mychal his thoughts on a sense he could not live without, he responded, “A sense of peace is something I cannot live without. The world we are living in is in moral decay. It is built to make you unhappy and place you in a category. If peace was absent I don’t know what I’d do.”

Written By:

J. Thompson

To Follow Extraordinary Gentlemen visit http://www.extragmusic.com

Twitter: @MychalSanford7, @Homachoma


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