The Fashionista: Introducing Fresh Fall Fashion

2 Sep


As the weather is making its transition into the cooler spectrum of the season our fashion should as well. We all know that this summer was hot yet fashionable as we added our own touches to each thread worn, and without any interruptions the show must continue.  As much as we love the Summer, I must  admit that Fall garments are where we can really get loose and show our creativity.



For beginners it is always substantial for the Fall to at least have the proper coat, rather a pea coat, sports jacket, or blazer.  The pick of choice will be the two-button tweed blazer. The fabric of this blazer represents the season well and demands respect in a social setting.

We all have a pair of pants that are the perfect fit and nobody can tell us to throw them away. For the Fall, a must have is a nice pair of well fitting-broken in-faded dark denim jeans, this provides comfort along with a vintage look that will add contrast to your entire look.

This next essential can be looked at as an accessory but it is highly efficient for the season. The scarf can be worn in many different ways, either using the fashionable knots or the traditional wrap. Most men scarves are approximately 10 inches wide, 70 inches long and usually made from a cut cloth or wool. This is a must have as it shows character and depending on the garments worn it adds flavor.

When it comes to shoe wear you can either play it safe or take the risk. The safe route is fashionably suitable and accepted, the risky route is going to make or break your outfit. With playing the safe route it is always a good idea to go with a nice pair of wing tip hard bottoms, now with this style in either black or brown you can dress it up or down depending on the mood. The risk if worn with confidence would be the Myrsa men boot. With this boot you can also dress up or down with pants or jeans, bu again must be worn with total confidence.

Lastly, a man needs to have a casual cardigan in his wardrobe, especially during the  season of Fall being that the cardigan can play a vital role in any outfit. For example, a cardigan can be worn with a tie dressed up with pants/slacks or simply worn with jeans and a tee shirt underneath, either way it shows savvy style and confidence.

Written By: Khorry Lewis


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