SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: August 2012 Issue

2 Sep

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen,

SENSES Lifestyle Magazine proudly presents its August 2012 Issue! Now that the pool parties, beach bonfires, and personal vacations have begun to subside with summer it is time to get back to work! And with SENSES Lifestyle it’s a no days off mentality to provide you with the essential knowledge to transition yourself into the approaching Fall season. So until the heat subsides, we’ll keep bringing it! And we’ve done just that by highlighting those sensual and sweet culinary aphrodisiacs through TASTE. And the seat gets hotter as we look at relationships and cheating in TOUCH: Cheating Is Natural-Women Can Do It Too. To keep the ball in the Ladies court check out what a few ladies had to say on what they like to smell on their ideal Gentleman in SMELL as well as our review on Dwele’s latest album; a neo-soul favorite among women. And of course we absolutely had to give the appropriate introduction to our Top 5 Fall Fashion tips through The Fashionista, from Director, Khorry Lewis. We hope you enjoy this  edition, and encourage you to always exemplify and define quality as only you can.

“SENSES Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

J. Thompson


Khorry Lewis

SENSES Director


TASTE: The Sexual Taste – “Sweet” Up The Sex

TOUCH: Cheating Is Natural – Women Can Do It Too

SMELL: The Ladies Choice: The Ideal Scent For Her Ideal Guy

HEAR: Dwele – “Greater Than One” (Album Review)

THE FASHIONISTA: Nailing The 5 Essentials For Fall Fashion

6TH SENSE OF QUALITY: Antoine Edmonson

Who Are The Extraordinary Gentlemen?


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