SMELL: The Ladies Choice: The Ideal Scent For Her Ideal Guy

1 Sep

Greetings Readers,

This month I wanted to invite reader feedback for the sense of Smell. More importantly, I sought input from the female perspective on what fragrances or methods were appropriate or necessary to stimulate a woman’s attraction to a male. As we know the sense of smell is limited and ambiguous on its face, but suprisingly there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained. And so this past month I asked 10 women via an online survey on their opinions on what fragrances they preferred men to wear, and if so where they believe it should be applied, and how pertinent the sense of Smell was to them. The results are as follows..Oh and Gents grab a pen and a pad:

When asked, ‘What Is Your Favorite Scent On A Man?”:

Some women were very specific with their answer and were familiar with certain brands of cologne, a few women preferred the classic Polo lines, others Eau De Toilette “Thallium Paris”, Gucci or Burberry, and some simply responded “Anything But Musk”.

When asked, “Where do you feel is the most important place for a man to apply cologne?”:

25% of those asked chose the neck. 0% chose behind the ears, and another 25% chose the chest. And 50% of those women saw each area as equally important.

When asked, “When approached, is a man’s scent the first thing you notice?”:

One participant responded, “His scent is not the first thing I notice, but it is the last thing I’ll remember.” Others gave similar responses while others pinpointed a man’s scent as the first thing that they take notice of.
Overall, I believe it can be said if it has not already been said before that women do take notice of everything. And knowing what women want and/or like is essential. There is really nothing wrong with asking the question to get that positive feedback that you can utilize at your will when trying to creatively master this sense in your everyday life.


Til’ Next Time…

Written By: J. Thompson


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