6th Sense Of Quality: Antoine Edmonson

31 Aug

6th Sense Of Quality: Antoine Edmonson

There are many young, upcoming hip-hop artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but none are quite like this individual; Antoine Edmonson. Why? When looking at all of the variables that equate into someone’s artistry we find that in today’s world the image of an emcee holds much more pertinence and weight than the actual message. What directed my attention to this artist was that his message of hope, transparency, and faith in God was purveyed through an eclectic hip-hop style that reached his audience musically and intellectually.

Antoine’s Debut Album B.O.A.T.S: “Based On A True Story”

I met this young man at the 2012 Recording Artists Guild Showcase in Los Angeles, California last month in the midst of the series of events during BET Week with the intention of supporting a fellow artist that I had featured in a previous issue. I did not expect to meet a fellow Brother who hails from my respective collegiate fraternity to have such boldness and power in his performance. It is not everyday that you see a lyricist rocking the mic by telling the crowd to take a moment to thank God or confronting the trials and tribulations of the day to day human experience through their lyrics. As I listened to Antoine perform his song “Just Like You” from his most recent project B.O.A.T.S (Based On a True Story), his lyrical and poetic dissertation was not just in sync with his music, but in tune with his spirit. While the name may sound synonymous to rappper Two Chainz most recent album release don’t get it confused, one is a fairy tale and the other speaks truth, and Antoine’s story is 100% REAL.  But no matter what your degree of faith and/or spirituality may be, one thing is true and that is that Antoine’s message is one that is accessible to all that will listen and one that manifests faith, hope and honesty with oneself.  He is unashamed to express his love for God nor is he afraid to share his message of authenticity with his listeners.

With tracks such as Independent, Hypocrite, Brittany’s Song ft. Jordan Willis, and my personal favorite Mr. Perfect, Antoine is planting seeds of inspiration that spark the need for self-reflection as well as a new sound and creative method of spreading a positive message that is relevant and relatable. His music is perfectly in tune with the human experience, with no shame in his game when speaking on his experience and battles with sex, alcohol, being lost in the world and not knowing who God was, but coming to the realization that he could never be perfect. Throughout his career Antoine has shared the stage with names such as J.Cole, LMFAO, Talib Kweli, Chip The Ripper, and others. His following of young listeners has carried him from the Mid-West to the West Coast and he has hit the ground running with performances at the legendary Sunset Strip hotspot; The Key Club in West Hollywood as well as local churches, schools, an artist showcases.

To see Antoine Edmonson LIVE in the not-so-distant future he will be performing again at the Key Club and opening for the L.A. based Hip-Hop Group “The Finnaticz” On September 6th, 2012. For more information on how you can get tickets you can email him personally at letterstoohio@gmail.com.

Antoine’s debut album ‘Based On A True Story’ is available for download on Itunes.

To Follow Antoine Visit:


Follow him on Twitter @letterstoohio

Like His Page On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letterstoohio

Written By: J. Thompson


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