TASTE: Brownie Bonanza

29 Jul

Taste: Brownie Bonanza

    As a Los Angeles Native Charlie Fyffe always had a passion with a sweet tooth. When asked who inspired him to get into the brownie business he without a doubt replied, “Willy Wonka”. Charlie has been in the business of brownies for as long as he can remember. However, his business has been around for sometime and has been recognized in the corporate world for about five years. One day Charlie would love to see his business grow into a household name. Distributing in whole food markets, local shops, even as special gifts for any occasion.

Currently Charlie has eight different amazing flavors ready to try. The flavors include classic brownie, red velvet, s’more, white chocolate, peanut butter swirl, white chocolate macadamia, caramel pecan, and lastly double walnut. Although he only has solid eight flavors, Charlie sat down with SENSES Lifestyle Magazine and explained how he eventually would like to craft a couple of more flavors until he begins his very own a cookbook on how to make brownies. When asked what makes his brownies the ultimate brownie experience, he cheerfully answered, “when people think of something sweet they usually think of cupcakes”. “Cupcakes are fun and light.” As for brownies people think of the exact opposite and upon tasting Charlie’s brownies those once negative views begin to dissipate. Charlie serves Gluten-free and Vegan brownies giving customers of all tasteful backgrounds a chance to enjoy their sweet tooth.

    Unlike Willy Wonka, Charlie doesn’t have any secret recipes to his delicious delights.  “ Feedback” replied Charlie. It is the key to how he comes up with his tasteful sweets. He doesn’t release a brownie until after his family and closes friends have tried it, and given their feedback on it. After talking with Charlie one question was left on my mind that had to be answered, “Who would you want to taste your brownies?” Charlie responded without hesitation “Oprah.”  He continued, “people trust her, and her brand is worthy, she is one person that needs to try my brownies.”

So if you dare your taste buds to the ultimate brownie experience check out Charlies brownies at:

www.charliesbrownies.com and order yours today!

Written By: Taelor Cage


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