SMELL: It’s Bigger Than Cologne

29 Jul

Greetings Gents!,

For this article, I’d like to share a brief epiphany I had on a recent trip to Las Vegas with a good friend that really opened my perspective to the small necessities that make a difference in the way a man can still smell great even when he is least prepared. Usually when I travel for more than 3 days at a time I am generally cognoscenti of  bringing everything I need for personal grooming whether I’ve recently gotten a fresh-cut or edge-up from the barber or not. I generally carry about 2 to 3 different colognes for effective rotation, as well as light moisturizers for my face, and a personal trimmer. However, this time as much as I thought I had effectively packed, I fell short. I had brought my colognes, but had left my moisturizers and trimmer and was in desperate need of an edge-up around the whiskers so to speak.

Luckily for me, my friend Brandon who had traveled with me not only bailed me out of my dilemma but dropped a wealth of knowledge that I’m sure that those who read will benefit greatly from. One of the things that Brandon expressed to me is that he had been in a whirlwind of trial and error when it came to shaving on-the-go. The myriad of shaving products that are available at your local department store created nothing but confusion and either masked or overpowered his applications of cologne. And so he had to further educate himself on methods that would meet the needs of the sensitive skin that he along with all African-American share and products that would leave him smelling great and prepared for his everyday endeavors.

     He introduced to me prep and after-shave products from The Art of Shaving. This brand of products consists of professional single-blade razors, straight razors, moisturizers, and cremes that not only provide the same quality shaving experience acquired in a barbershop but also smooth and nourish the skin leaving delicate fragrances that are light and pleasing to the user. After giving myself a personal touch up I used The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm. Not only does this product hydrate and refresh the skin after a blade has scorched the surface, but it is alcohol-free and free of any type of antiseptic. Generally alcohol-based balms or liquids burn the skin and leave it feeling uncomfortable and reeking of the alcoholic stench. However, this small bottle left my neck smelling of lavender and blended perfectly with my cologne choice for the day. I was so impressed that I immediately had to order a few bottles for myself so as to always have one at the ready for future reference.

   I would recommend this to any gentleman who has a “do-it-yourself” type of attitude when it comes to personal grooming. It’s one thing to know how to shave, but to take care of the skin and ensure its health and presentation is another matter entirely and this is certainly a step in the right direction, so as they say let your next move be your best move.

For more information on these and other products from The Art of Shaving visit

Written By:

J. Thompson


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