SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: July 2012 Issue

29 Jul

Cover: Michael Ferrera
Photography: Johnathan Moreno

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen,

This month SENSES Lifestyle Magazine is getting “Ferrera Fresh” with custom clothing designer, and author of his recently released book, The Perfect Gentleman’s Pocket Guide. And for those of you craving your just desserts, Charlie’s Brownies delivers for the sense of TASTE and is sure to have you wanting to get your hands on his delectable treats. For the gents searching for the next step in smelling fresh, this month we guide you through the sense of SMELL to show you “It’s Bigger Than Cologne.” And how about those social networks? Can they really coexist with your love life? Find out through the sense of TOUCH and “World Wide Dating Dot Com”. But it gets better folks, we’ve also featured yet another lovely model, Amber Thomas as our July “SENSE of the Month”. And it wouldn’t be complete without providing all you socialites with an inside review on the 2012 BE Next Awards as well as CBG Arts theatrical performance of “The Lion King”. We hope that you enjoy this issue, and continue to mold the quality lifestyle that is unique, and definable by you!

“SENSES Lifestyle….A lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis



TASTE: Brownie Bonanza

TOUCH: World Wide Dating Dot Com

SMELL: It’s Bigger Than Cologne

HEAR: 2012 BE Next Awards

SIGHT: The Fashionista: A Look Into Fresh With Michael Ferrera

SENSE Of The Month: Amber Thomas

SENSES On The Scene: “The Lion King”


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