SIGHT: Ferrera Fresh

28 Jul

Sight: Ferrera Fresh

Michael Ferrera exemplifies class, sophistication and savvy with his enticing etiquette tips that serve purpose in the everyday life of gentleman decorum. In his recent endeavors Mr. Ferrera took time to chat with Senses Lifestyle Magazine about his new book, fashion, style, and personal tips to staying “Ferrera fresh”.

SL:  “Give us a run down of who Michael Ferrera is?”

MF:  “If I can break this down into 30 seconds, I don’t know if it’s possible. Really at heart I am a clothing designer, and I design custom men’s wear, and also I am an image consultant where I teach and coach people in the importance of image and dress. Recently I am a published author, which is now the newest addition to the Michael Ferrera repertoire.”

SL: “So in other words, it is about gentlemen decorum?”

MF: “Absolutely!”

SL: “Speaking of gentlemen’s decorum, what defines a gentleman to you?”

MF: “I really believe the gentleman is what’s on the inside. You will see the presentation, the shirt, slacks, and a tie but the gentlemen is so much more than outward appearance in my opinion. I really feel that it is mainly about how you treat other people, how you respond to other people and how you make other people feel. A gentleman is a characteristic trait that you embody on the inside along with the outward appearance.”

SL: “I noticed a lot of the different suits you have in your gallery, from the styles, colors, and cuts. What are the main 3 suites a man should own in his closet?”

MF: “I would love to say something different than the norm, but it is absolutely true that we do need the blue, the grey, and the black.”

SL: “What order should they be purchased in?”

MF: “My recommendation of order is going to be blue, only because (Navy) blue is a primary color and the main reason is it’s versatility. You can wear blue in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. Not only does the color look fresh but also if you dress it up enough with a crisp white shirt and sometimes a bow tie you can get away with wearing a blue suit as the formal wear. That’s why I feel the blue suit is THE MOST important suit, and that’s my personal favorite suit. I can wear a blue suit everyday but do not choose to do so. The next color that I recommend will have to be the grey, and the reason that grey is the next color is because it has a nice medium, it’s not drastically powerful as a black suit but again it’s not as formal in a setting, but allows you to bring new aspects as well.”

SL: “Most men usually tend to grab a black suit to put on for an interview, either because that is all they have or because they do not know interview etiquette, what is the best suit to put on for the interview you been waiting to land?”

 MF: “I would have to agree with that statement. It’s best to avoid the black, but if you can’t and black is your only suit then you rock it, and rock it with a lot of confidence. Anytime you wear black suits in a business setting avoid wearing it with a white shirt, you want to avoid looking so strong or elegant as if you are going to church or a funeral so early in the morning. If you do wear a black suit for an interview make sure to wear some type of color inside as your shirt. The power suit in my opinion for an interview is a medium charcoal grey, this is great because it shows balance, it shows that you have put time in coming to the interview and it’s not too casual with the lighter style color.”

SL: “Suits may get a bit pricey, ranging from 200-400. What is a good price range to own that quality suit?”

MF: “Today with technology and the manufacturers we can get some great suits for extremely low costs. The range of 200-250 you can leave with a nice suit. It’s not always the dollar amount you get for the suit the real customizing comes from the tailoring of the suit, this then brings a good fit in the product that you are now confident in when you put it on.”

SL: “Today just being out and about, what is the main flaw that you see in male fashion?”

MF: “The flaw isn’t anything specific, it’s more a general concept where I see a lot of men not pay attention to detail, the small things are the tools that are going to get us to the next level or get a lady to approach us, or the opportunity to speak about your business to get maybe another business opportunity. Little things such as having your tie straight, pants pulled up, cuff links on correct, shoes clean and so forth are the biggest flaws, the small details make a huge difference.”

SL: “Back in the days coming up wearing a bow tie was considered cheesy or corny, on the other hand today it is looked at as stylish or trendy. What is bow tie fresh to you?”

MF: “Bow tie fresh is 100% Ferrera fresh. I will say this though; I do encourage gentlemen to add it into their wardrobe being that it’s a nice alternative. The bow tie gets us away from doing the same thing every other day or every other week that all the other guys are doing. The setting that most people are in it is not common, so people will look at you awkwardly but it is going to draw positive attention if you’re fresh.”

SL: “What is your take on pants?”

MF: “It is a 100% personal preference of the person wearing it; you have to make sure that you are comfortable. We as men know the importance of having well-fitting pants and I believe that there is no one style better than the other. The slimmer gentlemen have been going with the shorter cut pants similar to high waters and this is because of the stylish socks or even no socks at all to show on the ankle.”

SL: “It is a hot summer, and us men tend to throw on what has the least amount of layers, some look fresh some look like they just woke up. What is summertime fresh to you?”

MF: “What we began to see in late 2011 and now 2012 is a lot of color. The gentleman is now embracing the pink, orange, green, and yellow as I am doing now, and it is not just worn in the socks it is worn in the shirts, shorts, and pants. Color is the main thing that I believe is summertime fresh.  These are colors that we can’t bring out in the wintertime especially if you live in other states or other regions where the weather is a lot colder than it is here in California.”

SL: “You seem to take etiquette and fashion to another level, with doing so tell us a little about your book entitled The Perfect Gentleman’s Pocket Guide’?”


MF: “Wow! The book is a humbling experience and a great joy for me to see it come to life. It started as an idea and it’s still new to me. The book launched last month and I hear I am having a launch party for it very shortly. A professional etiquette coach raised me and my mother, and I was in situations where I wanted a reminder of what wine glass to drink from or how to tie a bow tie etc. So the book is a reminder and it is quick, and fast within 40 pages of information.”

SL: “What defines Ferrera fresh?”

MF: “It begins with the individual, yes we use the term “Ferrera fresh” but it must be you, it has to be unique to yourself. It cannot be solely a mimic or copy of someone else. We learn from other people but you must add your own color, flair, and style to it. Just because we see some of the better dressed athletes such as Dwayne Wade or Derek Jeter wearing a nice suit does not mean we must go out and buy the same exact one. “Ferrera fresh” is not a copy it has to be 100% original.”

You can purchase Michael Ferrera’s book  The Perfect Gentleman’s Pocket Guide” here:


Interview by: Khorry Lewis



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