28 Jul


“Une Paix Durable”  This term translated from the French to the English languages means “a lasting peace”. When bringing back our Sense of the Month section for this issue we wanted to provide a unique and intriguing term that would be exemplified within the spread of photographs itself. Peace is something we constantly search for at the end of the day, and when we find it we also find clarity and understanding. Where there is peace there is freedom.

What made this shoot stand apart is that we desired to escape from the overwhelming summer heat and hustle and bustle of LA and find a simplistic and “peaceful” atmosphere. Fortunately we didn’t have to go too far to find that as Downtown Pasadena with its high-end boutiques, luxurious neighborhoods, and refreshing breeze provided just that. And so ladies & gentlemen we present to you our “paix”, our sense of peace, for this the month of July featuring the photography of Johnathan Moreno and emerging model Amber Thomas.

Written By: J. Thompson

Model: Amber Thomas

Photography: Johnathan Moreno


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