SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: June 2012 Issue

18 Jun

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen! SENSES Lifestyle Magazine presents to you another riveting issue for the month of June comprised of more innovative and informative articles to expand your versatility for this season’s trends, cultural adamancy for unique foods, and intellectual perspective on the taboos of first-date intimacy. In addition to this, we also have provided additional coverage on one of the legends of neo-soul and his return to the music scene; D’angelo as well as this month’s scent for the contemporary gentleman that can be used for one’s personal needs or given as a potential gift for Father’s Day. All this and more we give to you this month, we hope you enjoy!

Let quality be yours to define…

Joshua Thompson

SENSES Lifestyle Editor-In-Chief

Khorry Lewis

SENSES Lifestyle Director


TASTE: A Travel Through The Taste Buds

TOUCH: First Date Sex

SMELL: The Summer’s Smoothest Scent

HEARING: The Return of the Original Brown Sugar …D’Angelo

SIGHT: The Fashonista…Accessory SaVvy


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