SMELL: Jean Paul Gaultier-The Smoothest Scent For The Summer

16 Jun

SMELL: Jean Paul Gaultier- The Smoothest Scent For The Summer

Greetings Ladies & Gents!

As you know Father’s Day is this month, and if you’re like me you want to give your father, grandfather, or father figure a special gift to show your appreciation and acknowledgement of their importance in your life.  I would suggest giving a gift that will not only last, but will invoke the essence of the contemporary Gentleman for that outstanding gent in your life this year. It’s no surprise men both young and old love receiving cologne on special occasions, as it serves as a way to accentuate the way that they feel about themselves and gives them reason to heighten their sense of decorum and appeal to the opposite sex.

My moniker-ed “gent’s scent” this month is one of my favorites as it’s also appealing to women who have the same interest in and pay the same equal attention to the art of smell. Jean Paul Gaultier is an all-around fragrance that most men even those who are not your everyday “suits” or “sophisticates” will wear and recognize its unique smell as endearing and it being indicative of good taste.

The Jean Paul Gaultier collection comes from France, and more specifically the “Le Male” fragrance is the number-one choice in a myriad of states within the European Union. This blue-bottle crafted in the embodiment of a sailor’s torso holds an invigorating scent that most men who have an assortment of colognes are familiar with. With an infused blend of lavender, vanilla, and mint Jean Paul is a definite must have and emanates a powerful and sensual scent that women can’t help but notice and acknowledge.

Even if you’ve already purchased a Father’s Day gift this is still a unique asset to any gentleman’s cologne collection at any given time this Summer.  This cologne is not a hard find and can be purchased at your local department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstroms, JC Penny’s, as well as online if you’re in search of a lower price without any of the department sales markup. Take it from me, as a young gent who is adamant about smelling his best, believe me when I say you can’t go wrong with “JPG”.

Written By:

J. Thompson


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