TOUCH: First Date Sex

14 Jun

TOUCH: First Date Sex

This month we all wanted to TOUCH on Sex and the first date, how do we decide if it’s right or wrong and has our society’s views on that changed in the 21st century.  In a survey conducted by One2One Living magazine, 63 percent of men and 69 percent of women surveyed had indulged in first-date sex.  So I interviewed 5 males and 5 females to get their perspectives on the matter, see answers below:

Female:  “I think it’s pointless to consider whether or not it’s a good idea. What’s the difference between sleeping with an ain’t sh*t girlfriend/boyfriend and someone you like & think is sexy?

Male: “First dates usually tend to be the first round of a relationship. If you start if off with sex, it tends to be either a short-lived relationship, or a casual fling.”

Female: “We women have more to offer than our bodies, so if I want to have sex on the first date I will. That’s just a portion of me anyhow.  I don’t think that I will make a man stay or leave if we do have sex, unless it’s bad.”

Male:  “Biblically it’s wrong and it can also be unhealthy. You don’t know that person’s physical or mental health.”

Female: “Since I’ve divorced, I believe sex is so much more sacred and I just can’t give myself to any man like that.”

Male: “If she is with it then I am not going to complain, but that shows me that I won’t be taking her home.”

Female: “I would never give it up on the first date. If I want more from that person than just sex, I’d rather get to know them first and then see about that.”

Male: “There’s nothing wrong with it. If we are both attracted to one another in that way and we know what it is, why not? We both grown, there is no reason to play games.”

Female: “Times have changed so much, but that doesn’t mean our self respect and morals have to also.”

Male:  “If she’s someone I just met and we go out, no I can’t do that. However, if it’s someone I have known for a minute and we go out and it happens then it’s all good.”

Everyone’s moral code is different, what may work for one may not work for another so judging if first date sex is appropriate is irrelevant.  If you do end up sleeping with someone on a first date make sure that it is a mutual decision. Not just OchoCinco . Not just your libido determining your decision. Not the smooth talker enticing you, but that there is a mutual consensus and you do it safely and sanely.

If you do indulge in first-date sex, do be prepared for any and all consequences from the  “crazy stalker” or someone who never acknowledges your existence.

Questions: What are your thoughts on first date sex?  And have you  been privy to any first-date horror stories?


Witten By: Danielle White


One Response to “TOUCH: First Date Sex”

  1. L.A Dagnino June 14, 2012 at 5:27 am #

    “How do we decide if its right or wrong?”

    If you look to society for an answer, you will be led astray. Societies standards are made by its people…and people are faulty, and therefore, so are their standards. Faulty, wrong.

    I agree with male #2.

    I derive what is right and wrong from the Bible. God is perfect, as is His Word….

    Although I’m no virgin, I have to say I’ve never had first date sex!

    Fun/interesting read.

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