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14 Jun

The Fashionista: Accessory Savvy

There is nothing worse than getting dressed, feeling fresh, and not acquiring the proper accessories to enhance your sexy. To all the gentlemen that do not apply the extra savvy to their wardrobe and may have style dilemmas, here are a few tips to maximize your threads productivity.

The Time Piece

Men’s Watch- GUESS

The male watch is the main essential the gentleman should possess in his arsenal. Watches range from many prices, styles, shapes and colors. A good timepiece shows quality and character, although watches may be a bit pricey you get what you pay for.

Brown watch (Leather Band) : The brown watch shows a lot of character being that it is a universal color, this watch can mix and match with any shirt, and suit as long as the belt and shoes compliment.

Black watch (Leather or Link): Now the black watch may be the best watch to wear with a suit, it can stand as the power watch when wearing navy blue, black, or gray. Although this watch is not as universal as the brown it still brings masculinity to any combination.

Silver watch (Links): This watch can be looked at as the “Classic”. Growing up all gentlemen had the classic silver watch with the links in it. As grown men this can be looked at as the grown man watch, prices may vary. The silver watch can sit as the only watch to compliment any color worn.


The Wrist Beads

Black Onyx Shambala Bracelet

The wrist beads show creativity and originality only because not everyone can pull it off. Your own personal style, confidence and savvy play a huge role in the activity of this accessory.

Wooden beads: The wooden beads can be worn relaxed with casual clothing brown or black beads can complement the attire for the afternoon. Beach outings, pool parties, and BBQ’s, should be the wrist beads playground. Have fun with it.

The Shades

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses

Originally shades were created to only keep the sun out of the eyes, and if worn in doors it showed a sign of disrespect. Today that is not the case; shades can be worn outdoors and indoors at your own discretion. The shades just like the watch show character and quality, a good pair of shades can go the distance if worn properly. The main rule with shades is they should contrast, not mimic, the shape of your face. Here are some quick tips for the shade connoisseurs.

Black shades: Now the black shades seem to be the most popular, being that the lenses shadow out the sun and keep the eyes hidden. The black goes great with darker colors and brings out the facial structure depending on which style is worn.

Brown shades: The brown is a neutral shade and has lighter lenses than the black. With this tone it plays as the “sexy” showing a bit of the eye but not enough to read through to the soul. This tone looks great with a nice casual summer get up or a classy suit.

Classic Aviator Silver: You may have seen Tom Cruise wearing a pair of these in his 80’s hit movie Top Gun. These shades are the classic look that also shows character and confidence. The look can compliment any color scheme and looks best in the winter if worn with the right jacket to compliment.

DISCLAIMER: YOU SHOULD TAKE YOUR SHADES OFF when speaking to someone who’s not wearing any. It sits as a trust issue and is distasteful at times.

The “Top Piece”

The “top piece” refers to none other than the hat, the cap, the lid, well you get the idea. There are many different styles of caps that can bring out your own stylish savvy and play a major role in the originality of you attire.

The Fedora: This cap is mainly worn in the summertime; it shows relaxation swagger and confidence. Although the fedora is originally a classical hat to be worn with a suit, today it looks much more appealing when dressed down. A nice thin T-shirt, cargo shorts, along with canvas shoes makes this cap an instant winner.
The Driver: Now not only does this cap say lets chill but it also speaks a million words coming in different shapes for the individuals head. The driver comes in many different colors, patterns, and styles. Not only can you dress the driver down but you can dress it up with your own discretion. This cap must be worn with confidence.

The Belt

Brown/ Black Belts “Salvatore Ferragamo”

After getting dressed the main items that should match or coordinate are the belt, watch, and shoes. If the belt does not match the shoes do not attempt to tuck your shirt in.

The Brown Belt (Leather): Brown, Brown, Brown! This color should be a man’s best friend when buying belts, only because this color can set off any type of shoe scheme attempted. There is nothing like having a belt that sits well on any color.

The Black Belt (Leather): Like the brown belt the black belt also can go with almost anything, hint! Almost. The black belt is very useful when worn with like colors ergo a black watch and black shoes.

The Cargo Belt: This belt is mainly worn with cargo shorts although it goes very well with a nice pair of jeans. The cargo belt comes in many different colors and sends off the relaxed look being that it is definitely a summertime belt.

By: Khorry Lewis


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