HEARING: The Return of the Original Brown Sugar …D’Angelo

14 Jun

HEARING: The Return of the Original Brown Sugar …D’Angelo


“Let me tell you ‘bout this girl, maybe I shouldn’t I met in Philly and her name was Brown Sugar, see we be making love constantly that’s why my eyes are a shade blood burgundy”


We all know the lyrics and catchy hook to the 90’s classic film Brown Sugar, this track put neo-soul music in a different light, using a metaphorical concept to express not an ode to women but a love song to marijuana. The creativity and jazzy, yet hip hop sound made D’Angelo an instant pioneer of the genre.  After a long hiatus from the music scene Michael Archer, better known as D’Angelo has made his return. With timeless albums such as Brown Sugar & Voodoo the music game is in desperate need of his innovative sound that brings relaxation to any environment.

D’Angelo took a sabbatical period in which he distanced himself from music for 12 years, in these ensuing years he was absent from live performances, interviews, and new material. This absence left fans wondering if he would ever return, followed by an unpleasant mug shot picture that stamped shocking looks on the eyes of many. In January of 2012, D’Angelo performed his first live show in Stockholm, Sweden; and also gave a lengthy interview in GQ Magazine. This said only 1 thing, MORE GOOD MUSIC!

Presently it is rumored that D’Angelo has an album coming out entitled James River in which The Artist Formerly Known as Prince will be apart of. New York City producer Russell Elvado who has been heavily involved in the production of Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, The Roots, and Al Green will also be in production for this project.

Currently D’Angelo is doing an overseas tour where he has performed a couple of new tracks to feed the soul until the album releases. These tracks are called “Black Hole Sun” & “Another Life”.

By: Khorry Lewis


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