SMELL: There’s A Time & Place For The Right Scent

7 May

Greetings Gentlemen!,

As we begin to enjoy the spring and  transition into warmer weather, it is crucial to keep in mind that not only does the change in weather prompt a paradigm shift in what scent’s you apply, but also the places you attend. The purpose of this article is to provide you with more clarity on the time and place to utilize certain scent’s and give you a few solid tips which you can implement and alter at your discretion depending on your individual preference.

First and foremost, if you are  knowingly going out whether it be out to lunch, the beach, or simply on a simple errand run and it is clearly past the 80 degree mark, chances are the humid weather will undoubtedly cause you to perspire. And with the sun beading down on you, I wouldn’t suggest trying to wear a heavy cologne on your skin as the smell will more than likely be overpowered by the stench that we all know is attributed to sweat. There is nothing more irritating to the nostrils than the smell of body odor and the aroma of cheap body spray emanating from every fiber of clothing.  However, an alternative to smelling good despite the heat rests within the basics of utilizing anti-antiperspirants that work effectively around the clock to keep you feeling fresh and confident when you go from place to place.

Conversely, when the weather is cool it’s important to keep in mind that cold weather that creeps in during the early to late evening also has an effect on the impact on your fragrance of choice. Lighter scent’s have a tendency to get lost in cold weather, and scent’s that are too heavy or spicy come just a little to strong. My suggestion is to select 2 maybe 3 fragrances that you can comfortably alternate between that are indicative of a citrus fruit and give you that “so fresh, and so clean” aroma. Allow the seasons and the weather to slightly dictate your course of action when it comes to this matter. Stockpiling on cologne is a faux pas as it comes with a vast amount of indecision as well as inconsistency with in the long run does more harm than good when attempting to create your own distinctive scent.

I hope these brief tips assist you in your development as we continue to delve into the ambiguity of the sense of SMELL, become more familiar with its significance and apply new techniques to exhibit its relevance and pertinence.

Til’ Next Time

J. Thompson


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