SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: May 2012 Issue

7 May

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Spring is here! For this month’s issue of SENSES Lifestyle Magazine we have provided you our readers with another issue of fresh and ripe articles that we are sure you will benefit from! The array of articles included consist of noteworthy advice for the wine enthusiast and novice as well as relationship advice from the female perspective which we believe is a must read for both men and women! In addition to this, we also feature Spring fashion do and dont’s for all of the young gentlemen looking to bring more life into their seasonal fashion and distinct wisdom on how to be the “perfect” gentlemen in the sense of etiquette and proper decorum from extraordinaire Enitan Bereola . We hope that you take what you need from this month’s issue and continue to share this extraordinary knowledge with your fellow man.

Let quality be yours to define…

J. Thompson

SENSES Lifestyle Editor-in-Chief

Khorry Lewis

SENSES Lifestyle Director


HEARING: Tips From The Perfect Gentlemen: Interview with Enitan Bereola

TASTE: The Darker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice

TOUCH: Women Views on Sex, Relationships, and Dating

SMELL: There’s A Time & Place For The Right Scent

SIGHT: The Fashonista

Health Awareness: The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program

Fresh New Voice: Shanada Davis


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