SIGHT: The Fashonista

6 May

THE FASHIONISTA: Do’s & Dont’s of Spring Fashion


The spring season brings out many different styles-fashions & most of all sexy-Its time to peel back the clothing and let the cool do the talking. It was always said that the man is not judged by the clothes he has on his back, but merely by the way he presents himself with the threads he appears in. Not all fashion is good fashion, it requires practice and consistency. I am going to help my gentlemen out with a variety of tips and tricks to not over-doing the outfit but making it just right for your personal style selection.

  The DO: The Loafer!

  By far the best asset the gentleman should add to his personal shoe collection. The loafer sits as the chameleon in any season of the year. I say this based on the results of the loafers consistency-this shoe can be seen dressed up or down. Growing up as young men we were accustomed to throwing the “church shoes” in the back of the closet as a rebuttal, now as young mature men we can now slip on a shoe suitable for any occasion.  Now you may ask yourself, “Why is a pair of loafers so important?” Well, for example:

  • The loafer can be worn with shorts, slacks, pants, or jeans
  • Socks or no socks (Gentlemen keep the ankles smooth before attempting)
  • Different colors and styles leave a lasting impression
  • Business-Casual, Lounge-Casual, Church-Casual

The DON’T: The dress shoe with the design drawing

Ok! This has been a problem for me for some time now; it is not ok to buy the traditional slip on dress shoe that has the Holy Cross drawn on it. I have come across a few gentlemen who do not realize that this takes away from the quality of the shoe. The traditional slip-on dress shoe is not suitable to be worn without socks if shorts are being added to the equation, if worn with slacks & pants you’re in the clear, just make it presentable.

The DO: Tailored fitting suit!

There is nothing more refreshing than putting on a clean suit that fits to your body as if it were glued to your physique, the mistake most young men make is simply buying the suit and wearing it as is. A suit can be a man’s greatest gift if trimmed to perfection. A tailored-suit can be dressed up in the spring with the right accessories to compliment the cuts. For example, dressing the suit up or down is fine depending on the occasion; wearing a tie is suitable although no tie is comfortable and yells “I’m relaxing, let’s grab a drink”.

  • Fits to perfection
  • Shows quality
  • Looks neat
  • Shows maturity
  • Ladies love a man in a nice tailored suit
  • Picture perfect

The DON’T: The loose suit!

Sadly, most of us men do not live inside of those ideal tailoring measurements, but you have to make it work for you body type. As much as the suit can be the greatest gift, it can also be the greatest curse. Being remembered by individuals as the guy who wore the loose suit is in no way shape or form cool-get those threads tightened.

  • Looks sloppy
  • Appears cheap
  • Takes away from the suit itself
  • Depending on your weight size it can make a gent look bigger or smaller
  • The tailored suit will always win!!

The DO: Stylish Socks!

Socks are such a necessity, and a good investment. Ignore the rules with socks simply because there aren’t any. The most creative accessory to compliment the shoes (loafers, tie-ups, traditional) can be taken to the most extreme with a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. With your own discretion the right pair can draw positive attention to the department of your “Swagger”.

  • Shows creativity
  • Draws attention  to your shoes when sitting down
  • Shows originality
  • Can easily spark compliments
  • Enhances the suit, jeans, or pants


The DON’T: Plain old Fashioned church socks!


The traditional church sock!!!! ENOUGH SAID


Written By: Khorry Lewis


2 Responses to “SIGHT: The Fashonista”

  1. shimaree85 May 6, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    I knew this was Mr. Lewis’s article before I even finished it. 😉 Good fashion tips from an always well dressed man.


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