HEARING: Tips From The Perfect Gentleman

6 May


  When hearing the word gentleman the first thoughts that come to mind is a well-educated man of good family and distinction, this man can be courteous, handsome, and polite while doing so in an effortless manner. The era that we live in today some may argue that the gentleman is hard to come by-and this reason being from the actions of what is portrayed in music and the social media, leaving the impression that the tough guy attitude is now the “cool”. After researching various books on etiquette I came across a self-improvement book for the urban sophisticate entitled Bereolaesque. Author Enitan O. Bereola is a 30 yr casual perfectionist who signifies the true meaning of the word gentleman, and by doing so he takes action in social refinement.

Senses Lifestyle was able to catch up with Bereola for a few questions on proper etiquette.

Bereolaesque (adjective): Highly appealing and pleasing to the human senses and/ or mind; captivating providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; charming, alluring, attractive.

Enitan Bereola interview:

The views you share are enlightening and informative, who did you look up to as far as perspectives on life before you wrote your book?

‘Collectively, I looked to my entire circle. I’m a product of the people I keep around me. God, my friends and family have had huge influences on my perspective.”

At what point did you decide to share your views and write your book?
“Fall of 2006

When I began to follow you, I noticed you are some what of a perfectionist but you always keep it real whether it is intended for male or female, what made you take this bereolaesque approach?
“Every writer has a style. That’s just my style. Your personality should be infused into your art.”

Now I just would like to ask you a few personal perspective questions: When is it a good time to pull out your wallet after going out on a date, when the other person suggests the outing?
‘It’s 2012: You ask, you pay. However, I’d still suggest a gentleman always attempts on date one.”

In a relationship sense when is it the right time to discuss an issue without being a nag?
“As soon as it arises. The real challenge is to determine what’s a real issue and what isn’t. Select your battles wisely.”

Dating is such a sensitive topic today and people tend to get these two areas mixed up, what is the difference between dating and a relationship?
“Dating is just a fun & usually exciting process of elimination that leads you to the person you’ll have a relationship with. A relationship is more serious than dating.

There are many educated handsome men that do not like to approach females for the simple reasoning of not seeming “thirsty”. When is the appropriate time to approach that attractive lady?
“Interest ≠ thirst. It’s time to retire using that word for any and everything. Approach when confident enough to do so.”

When you’re in a relationship and small issues continue to approach, should you walk away or continue to fight for you relationship until its right?
“Anything worth having is worth the fight. The choice is yours.

Is it appropriate to discuss your relationship issues with your single friends?
“If they’re trustworthy, unbiased and have your best interest at heart – absolutely.

Do you believe in females having the male mentality (Act like a Woman think like a Man)?
“Nope. Act like a woman, think like a woman.

When is your next book coming out? And are you going to be in California anytime soon?
“Summertime for both.”


Interview by: Khorry Lewis

You can also follow Bereola on twitter: @Bereolaesque

Blog: http://www.bereolaesque-online.com/p/bereolaesque.html

Click here to reserve your very own copy of Bereolaesque: http://www.amazon.com/Bereolaesque-Contemporary-Gentleman-Etiquette-Sophisticate/dp/1438938594/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1289452605&sr=8-1


One Response to “HEARING: Tips From The Perfect Gentleman”

  1. Michelle M. May 9, 2012 at 5:46 am #

    Eloquently written. I love that this magazine highlights positive people of color, leaders, educators, trendsetters, masters of their craft, etc. It is time that we redefine what “Quality living” means, changing the video party lifestyle image into a lifestyle that encompasses purpose, fulfillment and internal peace. I just ordered this book and I am glad it is being highlighted. Knowledge is Contagious. If we each empower one another and uplift, it will make for a stronger community. -Ms. Matthews, MSW

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