SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: March 2012 Issue

28 Mar

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen,

SENSES Lifestyle is proud to release this issue of SENSES Lifestyle Magazine for the month of March. As with every issue we aspire to make each month unique, innovative, and of a quality caliber. With this month, we not only have provided  you with engaging articles for your senses, but also have included a special headliner article in remembrance of young Trayvon Martin who was killed this past month. As a brand of writers who are not only conscious within quality living but also culturally and politically conscious as well, we dedicate this issue to him in hope that justice will be served. We hope that you enjoy this month’s edition and as always let quality be yours to define.

J. Thompson


Khorry Lewis

SENSES Lifestyle Director



UnaPOLYgeTIC: A Message From Trayvon Martin


HEARING: The Poetic Soul by Khorry Lewis

TASTE: A Taste of Sexy by Taelor Cage

TOUCH: Excuse Me Miss by Danielle White

SMELL: The Smell of Intimacy by J.T.

SIGHT: Picture Perfect! by Khorry Lewis

The ‘6th Sense’

The ‘6th Sense Review’: “Flashing Lights” The Musical

SENSES Lifestyle Fresh New Voices

Fresh New Voice: Rikiesha Pierce


One Response to “SENSES Lifestyle Magazine: March 2012 Issue”

  1. Braulio Archer March 28, 2012 at 2:26 am #

    This months issue is DOPE

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