SMELL: The Smell of Intimacy

27 Mar

The Smell of Intimacy

Greetings Gentlemen,

As you are already aware there is a consensus amongst ourselves that the sense of smell is ever-present but beside it lies the ambiguity of application and acquisition of innovative techniques. As we transition into the Spring season the aroma of fresh rain saturating the earth and the scent of flowers alone usher in an atmosphere of intimacy. And it is this same ambiance that can be created in your sleeping quarters to invoke those sensual desires with your mate.

One thing to consider is that women have an acute sense of smell simply because they naturally pay attention to the details that we as men may miss many times. Which is one of the reasons I strongly recommend have a clean and organized house or apartment because if something is askew and she smells it she will not hesitate to let you know.

The next tip I have for you is to gradually set the atmosphere rather than have it established all at once. Unpredictability and patience is a great value to incorporate so as to not spoil the anticipation. One method I utilize is lightly coating the room with the scent of candles or a light incense that is pleasing to the nostrils but not overpowering. Also delicate spraying of your favorite cologne on the bed sheets and pillows will catch the attention of your lover as she lays down to relax. I personally prefer a scent that is not so strong but alluring enough to induce an intimate ambiance such as Clinique Happy, or Polo #2. She undoubtedly will take notice of the aromatic presence and be impressed as to the fashion that you’ve utilized to creatively establish such a lovely evening.

By all means I strongly encourage finding your own methods of exhibiting through your efforts that though physicality may ensue an engaging, sensual, and quality evening can be enjoyed without moving to fast.

As always let quality be yours to define…



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